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WoW ClassicFeb 6, 2024 10:00 am CT

Some of the smaller things you need to know about WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2

World of Warcraft Classic‘s Season of Discovery will have brand new of activities and secrets to uncover for players when Phase 2 goes live on February 8 at 1PM pacific time. Over the last few weeks, we learned about the re-designed Gnomeregan level-up raid, the new Blood Moon free-for-all PVP event in Stranglethorn Vale, new Runes, and new rewards players can experience and earn on their way to level 40. While most of the attention is probably on these other activities, there are some smaller changes happening in Season of Discovery Phase 2 that everyone should know about ahead of the launch on February 8:

  1. Gnomeregan is available to all players at launch February 8 but will have two consecutive weekly lockout timers for normal completions which resets at weekly maintenance — the first reset is on February 13 and the second reset is on February 20. Once weekly maintenance concludes on February 27, all Gnomeregan lockouts will be lifted.
  2. The Battle for Ashenvale PVP event will happen on a 3-hour timer and last 30 minutes to be consistent with the Blood Moon PVP event in Stranglethorn Vale. We’re still waiting to both if events will happen at the same time, making players choose which to participate in, or if they’ll be on a staggered schedule.
  3. Gnomeregan will grant a world buff after completion but the Blood Moon PVP event will not. Players won’t be able to get the XP buffs from both Blackfathom Deeps and Ashenvale’s weekly PVP quest after they reach level 39.
  4. Random enemies in Dungeons will drop skill books to boost some of your character’s existing abilities. These skill books boost don’t take up a rune slot but we don’t know if they will take up another spot in your inventory, if there’s a tab on your character sheet like your subclasses or runes list, and whether you can stack effects from multiple skill books or not.
  5. Players will receive the Discoverer’s Delight 50% XP buff between level 1 and 24, which can be turned on and off at will with any Innkeeper. Players will also earn more XP for completing Blackfathom Deeps in this range.

Given all the new ideas and experimentation that’s happened in Season of Discovery so far, there’s likely more to uncover once Phase 2 launches. So, if you’ve been waiting to advance your character to level 40 or are contemplating jumping into WoW Classic’s latest season, make sure to stay tuned here to learn about everything in Season of Discovery as it unfolds!

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