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WoWFeb 6, 2024 9:00 am CT

How to get the Love is in the Air Dragonriding armor for your Renewed Proto-Drake

It’s time for Love is in the Air in World of Warcraft and your Dragonriding mount is ready to enjoy the festivities with their own special Love Armor. Unlike the Lunar Festival Armor you’ll need to hope for some loot luck as the Renewed Proto-Drake: Love Armor manuscript is found at random in the Heart-Shaped Box you get for defeating the Crown Chemical Company with an increased chance on the first level 60+ character that does it each day.

The Crown Chemical Company is a holiday NPC that is only accessible via the groupfinder for dungeons. The option for Crown Chemical Company will be in the list alongside Random Heroic Dungeons and Specific Dungeons. Simply queue up for the fight, emerge victorious and hope you get the Love Armor manuscript — or if you still need it, the X-45 Heartbreaker. Once the manuscript is in your bags right click it to learn it. It’s important to note that each character only has one chance a day to get it — farming the Crown Chemical Company repeatedly on one toon will not help.

Any character level 60 or higher will get the epic Heart-Shaped Box that can contain the Love Armor; lower level characters receive a “uncommon” reward that doesn’t contain it or the X-45 Heartbreaker. The best chance to earn it is on your first attempt of the day, with subsequent attempts on other characters expected to have a much lower chance for the manuscript to drop.

The Love Armor is account-wide so you only need to have it drop once, although remember that the only Dragonriding mount that can equip it is the Renewed Proto-Drake — if you were hoping to show your love on your Highland Drake or the Flourishing Whimsydrake you’re sadly out of luck. To switch to this armor appearance head to your nearest Rostum of Transformation, select the Renewed Proto-Drake customizations, make sure Armor is on and select the Love Armor.

While the Love Armor can only be earned during the holiday, it can be equipped on your Renewed Proto-Drake for the entire year. So be sure to keep defeating the Crown Chemical Company until you get it so you can show off your love for the holiday while cruising throughout Azeroth.

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