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WoWFeb 6, 2024 11:00 am CT

All of the new rewards for WoW’s Love is in the Air holiday in 2024

Love is in the air right now in World of Warcraft, and after you’ve exhausted yourself chasing the X-45 Heartbreaker again you’ll probably find yourself with a pile of Love Tokens to spend. In previous years, you might’ve tossed those right into the trash — after all, it’s been a while since Love is in the Air had seen a new reward. But this year? Oh, there’s plenty to spend them on — so much you’ll probably have to farm tokens on multiple characters if you want them all!

Outside of Stormwind and Orgrimmar in the new Gala of Gifts area, you’ll find vendors hawking new wares for your tokens, like flower vendors Sylandra Silverbreeze and Hana Breezehart. While these two sell a number of extremely inexpensive flowers that serve just to give you a 10% stat buff (which doesn’t work in dungeons or raids), the real prize is that they sell six colors of Eternal Rose, such as the Eternal Pink Rose, for 20 Love Tokens apiece. Much like the Forever-Lovely Rose, which seems to still only drop from the Crown Chemical Company holiday boss, these are cosmetic transmog items that will have you wearing a flower in your hair (for female characters) or clenching a rose in your teeth (for male characters).

But perhaps pets, mounts, and toys are more your speed. If so, you’ll want to find Kiera Torres or Lythianne Morningspear. In addition to all their previous holiday wares, these two now sell:

  • Exquisite Love Boat toy, for 270 Love Tokens. Besides being fancier than the normal Love Boat, this one also seats four — double date!
  • Heartseeker Mana Ray mount, for 270 Love Tokens. It’s so pink! It’s hideous! I love it. I must have it.
  • Eyes for You Only toy, for 40 Love Tokens. Tired of all those other Azerothians ruining your lovely date night? This will display any characters not in your party as floating clouds of hearts.
  • Date Simulation Modulator toy, for 100 Love Tokens. Perfect for setting the mood, the Modulator sets the sky to something more suitable — a peaceful day, a romantic sunset, fireflies at night, and more.
  • Heartseeker Moth pet, for 40 Love Tokens. It’s a little pink moth that seeks fuzzy feelings instead of flames. Adorable.

With this many new things to purchase, you might be wondering how to get Love Tokens in the first place. First off, the bad news: there aren’t any unlimited sources this year, unlike in prior years, so you may want to farm some of these on multiple characters. The good news is that there’s a new way to get them, and an achievement that goes with it! The other bad news is, that achievement is a gold sink.

  • There are a few one-time-per-character quests you can do to get Love Tokens. These include:
    • Take a Look Around, which just tasks you with talking to the new vendors and daily quest givers at the Gala of Gifts and rewards 10 Love Tokens. You’ll have to do this to unlock the new dailies anyway, so might as well score some free Tokens for it too.
    • Detective Snip Snagglebot’s holiday quest chain (also at the Gala), starting with I Smell Trouble and ending with you queueing up to fight the Crown Chemical Co., awards a total of 130 Love Tokens — not including whatever tokens you loot from the Heart-Shaped Box on Apothecary Hummel in the Crown fight.
  • There are also two new dailies, each of which rewards 10 Love Tokens per day.
    • Loving Yourself, Your Way will challenge you to practice a little self care. Pandaren gala celebrant Ning or Ying, depending on faction, will ask you what you really want — then task you with going to get it. For example, I told Ying I wanted something to eat, and he had me go buy five treat packages from Gala vendors (50 silver apiece) and eat them. Nice!
    • Scenic Getaway quests — like Getaway to Scenic Feralas! — come from Aurora Vabsley or Gabbo Blinkwink. They’re standing by the giant portal to a scenic destination at the Gala and will task you with visiting these scenic parts of Azeroth and doing a little task, like picking flowers or handing out lost gifts.
  • And last but not least, there’s the expensive option. Galvus Ironhammer and Torgando Featherhoof of the Artisan’s Consortium are collecting donations of 10,000 gold per day. Each donation will net you a bundle of 10 Love Tokens in the mail, and if you donate a total of 50,000 gold across the course of the event you’ll earn the achievement Support Your Local Artisans.

Love Tokens are, unfortunately, Bind on Pickup, so you can’t just do Snip Snagglebolt’s quest on all your alts and then combine those 130 Tokens to buy everything in one day. But if you do it a few times on a few characters, you can definitely get a lot of these items before the event is over — possibly without even resorting to spending tens of thousand of gold on extra tokens!

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