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HearthstoneFeb 15, 2024 2:00 pm CT

Whizbang’s Workshop is the next Hearthstone expansion, adding a new keyword and lots of references to the past – releasing March 19!

Surprise, the next Hearthstone expansion (and first one of the Year of the Pegasus) is Whizbang’s Workshop, which is packed with references that celebrate the game’s 10th anniversary, and it’s coming March 19. This expansion’s new keyword unlocks some interesting possibilities: the Miniaturize keyword allows cards to add a “mini” version of themselves to your hand that can be played later. Whizbang’s Workshop also has a fully-customizable update to the beloved mech Zilliax, and plenty more.

So let’s kick the doors of Whizbang’s Workshop wide open and wallow in its whimsical wonders! Why wait?

New keyword: Miniaturize

Whenever you play a card with the Miniaturize keyword, you get a 1-mana 1/1 copy of it added to your hand. These cards will often have powerful effects, and much of the allure here is getting to repeat those effects at a later time for a much cheaper cost.

An example is the Druid minion Chia Drake, a 4-mana, 2/4 Dragon with this effect:

  • Miniaturize. Choose One – gain Spell Damage +1; or Draw a spell.

The Mini version that gets added to your hand is identical, but costs 1 mana and has 1/1 stats. It can be used to either give you the powerful Spell Damage +1 effect at a later point for only one mana, bolstering all your other damage spells, or to allow you to find a key spell after it’s added to your deck from a different effect.

This example shows that the Miniaturize keyword is simple but will definitely lend itself to many interesting plays.

Throwbacks to past Hearthstone cards include a new customizable version of Zilliax

Fun stuff awaits us with cards such as Incredible Value, a 3-mana common Shaman spell of the Shadow school that reads:

  • Discover a 4-Cost minion. Set its Attack and Health to 7.

That’s right, 4 mana 7/7s for everyone! And speaking of 7/7s, there’s also a new version of Dr. Boom in Inventor Boom, an 8-mana, 7/7 legendary Warrior minion with:

  • Battlecry: Resurrect two friendly Mechs that cost (5) or more. They immediately attack random enemies.

Death Knights and Demon Hunters are finally getting their Spellstones, a mechanic from the Kobolds and Catacombs adventure — long before either class existed. The Death Knight one, Lesser Spinel Spellstone, buffs Undead in your hand, and gets stronger as you spend more corpses.

To finish us off, Zilliax Deluxe 3000 is a new, customizable version of the iconic Zilliax. While building your deck, you’ll get to choose two modules, adding up their costs, stats, and effects to your final minion. You’ll also get to choose the art for your mech from a few options.

Free login reward: Colifero the Artist

As has become the norm, there’s a free login reward for all players. Colifero the Artist is an 8-mana, 6/5 Elemental with the following ability:

  • Battlecry: Draw a minion. Transform all other friendly minions into copies of it.

So login right now to earn Colifero for free. You can also check out the official blog for details about pre-purchasing the expansion, with the usual two different sized bundles which include the Corridor Sleeper card — another reference, both to a card, and to a meme.

This celebratory, tongue-in-cheek attitude seems to permeate Whizbang’s Workshop, and we’re all here for it! March 19 is when we can get our hands on these fun cards.

Originally posted February 13, 2024. Updated February 15, 2024.

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