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The QueueFeb 20, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Stayin positive?

Beyond all odds — literally — somehow I came down with COVID, and nobody else in my house ever tested positive at all. Not my children, who essentially go to school every day in a plague incubator, and not my husband who usually gets everything well before me, and worse. I don’t even know where I would have gotten it if not from them. I am absolutely baffled, and yet it just figures, I guess.

This is The Queue, our daily column where you ask us the questions and we’ll answer just as soon as we finish hacking up a lung.


Late Q4tQ: what Blizzard character(s) would you really like a plushie of?

I just want one of the yaks from Pandaria. They seem so cuddly. Or maybe a plush N’Zoth, just for the weirdness value.

I would absolutely love a version of the Pandaria fish battle pets.

I realize that this wouldn’t really be all that cuddly, because it would probably use that weird crinkly iridescent fabric for most of it, and may even have some sheer polyester in the fins for effect. It would probably also be a billion dollars because of the amount of custom cutting and sewing. But man would it look cool on my shelf.

In terms of actual huggable, squishable plushies, I don’t think it gets much better than a chibi-style Genn Greymane. A great big fuzzy head of hair with a couple little braids, a very formal but tiny costume — heck, you could even throw in a monocle. Does Genn have a monocle? It doesn’t matter.


I’d love to see professions being combined. Mining/Herbalism/Skining should stop existing as standalone professions and be rolled into the relevant Crafting professions. This would effectively make them equal to Tailoring and Enchanting (which don’t need a separate “Cloth Scavenging” or “Disenchanting” professions).

I would like for them to go in the opposite direction and just make all the gathering professions a free-for-all. In practice, I realize this would be a terrible idea, to be clear. If you thought Druids botting Herbalism was bad before, hoo boy. Also, the annoyance of it is the reason it exists — if everyone could gather, there’s no real reason to put commodities on the AH. Professions as they are force you to choose, and specialize, in a way which is beneficial to the overall playerbase.

But in my single-player WoW dreams, where everyone plays just like me and bad/annoying behavior doesn’t need to be quashed in the bud, it would just make sense.

And that’s it for this week! I’m taking a mercifully short slate of questions as a bye to go lie down in front of my humidifier.

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