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The QueueFeb 26, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I guess my Paladin is fake

On Friday Liz showed us a picture of what a real Paladin looks like. Mine doesn’t look like that though, so I guess it must be fake! Does that mean it’s a Warrior in disguise? Three Gnolls in a suit of armor?

The answers have eluded me all weekend. What am I?!!

While I try and overcome my existential crisis, it’s time for — The Queue!


Q4Q: Does the Satchel Of Salvaged Goods truly exist? I’ve done party sync quests a lot to help friends and family and it never gives it

There are people out there who say that they’ve gotten them, but also a lot more people seem to have said that they’re rare, or simply won’t open for their character. Mostly Evokers seem to say that they can’t open the Salvaged Cache of Goods. So short answer is yes they exist in theory, but the longer answer is that they just might be really rare.

It’s also possible that they’ll only come from Battle for Azeroth quests so maybe you need to take a trip back to Zandalar and Kul Tiras and give that a shot.


Question for whoever gets to it first – What is your favorite single pilot star fighter?

I think that the TIE Interceptor takes the top spot for me. I love the TIE fighter design in general. Never has a ship looked so awkward in anything other than the cold void of space. Then they took that and made it look like it could go fast!

There’s a certain something too about it still not having a shield generator on it. This is the ship that only elite pilots could handle and the Empire still won’t pay to keep them safe. It’s the best kind of wastefulness that only galaxy-spanning superpowers can get away with.


what is your cozy game? For me i like low pressure build base sorta games. No first person.

I like a game that I can play and mostly tune out so that I can listen to a podcast. I just can’t do that with Warcraft usually. There are too many things that I can read or people to talk to in it. So I’ll play something like Fall Guys or Hardspace: Shipbreaker. 

Shipbreaker was a surprisingly fun puzzle once I started getting my bearings in it. I loved picking apart ships in the right order to avoid explosive decompression, reactor overloads, and accidentally launching myself in the incinerator. It’s a very zen experience I found. You start with a big 100-meter-long ship with a bunch of shipping containers stuck to it, and by the end, you’re watching the last of its interior structure get pulled into the incinerator — hopefully without yourself attached.


Random Q4tQ: what was the last in-game achievement you got? Can be for any game.

The last non-Warcraft achievement I got was for watching the entire introduction to Goat Simulator 3. It was a spoof of the Skyrim “you’re finally awake” introduction with a quartet of goats in the back of a tractor being taken to their new farm. As it was winding down the farmer driving the tractor said something along the lines of “Good job on not skipping the introduction, let me give you something for your troubles” and then bing! achievement.

I uh, didn’t realize that I could’ve skipped it, or I might’ve.

The last Warcraft achievement I got was when my new baby Paladin just completed its first Dawn of the Infinites keystone. I ran a few keystones with him over the weekend and had to help shepherd a group of people who had no clue how things worked through it. We didn’t time it, but we did complete it! I got a chest piece that I already had, so a typical pug kind of experience.


You would think by now I would have learned my lesson and stopped buying card deck building video games, but here we are again, facing down the last few levels of Floppy Knights and I’m stepping away from the game in frustration.

I’m with you. I’ve had a few people recommend things like Slay the Spire and each time I’ve bounced off pretty hard. Even in Hearthstone I only play in the Battlegrounds mode where I don’t have to build any decks. I think that my brain just wants to hold a stack of physical cards and build a deck with those. Virtual cards just aren’t good enough!

Today’s Bacardi is waiting patiently for you. It looks like he’s got some news for you, maybe even good news! You could get something very special out of your vault. As long as you’ve properly supplied him with treats and toys.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Lil Boo Thang

Have a stupendous Monday everyone! Remember that you can help to make Anna’s Tuesday more stupendous by leaving her lots of questions!

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