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When does Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder Season 7 start?

Blizzard tends to keep release dates for Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder Seasons close to their vest until just before they launch, so it’s natural to wonder when the next Ladder Season — Ladder Season 7 — begins. While Blizzard hasn’t yet announced the date and time for Ladder Season 7, the most recent Ladder Seasons have had a rough five month cadence, so while it’s not written in stone, July 18, 2024 is a solid estimate for when Ladder Season 7 begins. I’d consider the Thursdays just before or after to also be very plausible for the launch of Ladder Season 7.

We expect Ladder Season 7 to be another global release, which means that both the date and the specific times mentioned are important. A global release means that the servers open for everyone around the world at the same moment, even if the time displayed on the clock in their time zone is very different — noon in New York is roughly midnight the next day in Seoul. Also keep in mind that Daylight Saving Time may shift things in the time it takes this Ladder Season to begin.

D2:R Ladder Seasons basically mimic the conditions of a brand new release of the game. It is a fresh start, with a level one character on one of four different types of servers:

  • Classic means you want to play through the first four acts of Diablo 2 originally released with the title.
  • Hardcore Classic is the same as Classic, but you are playing a Hardcore character where death is permanent.
  • Expansion characters have access to play through the first four acts from Diablo 2 and Act 5 from the Lord of Destruction expansion.
  • Hardcore Expansion combine the Expansion experience (all five acts) with Hardcore play (single character life and perma-death). Not for the faint of heart.

The object of a D2:R Ladder Season is to race to level 99 as fast as possible, and in so doing secure your spot on the leaderboard — and eternal glory, of course. That’s why, for many, not only the release date, but the very specific time is important. Best of luck to everyone beginning their new characters in Ladder Season 7, starting in early-to-mid July!

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