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WoW ClassicFeb 28, 2024 10:00 am CT

How to opt-in to WoW Classic Hardcore Self-Found mode

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore realms new difficulty mode, Self-Found, on is now live for players seeking an extra, unconventional challenge! In Self-Found mode, players are restricted from using the Auction House to buy or sell items, as well as unable to trade items of any kind through any kind of player-to-player interaction, including through mail, and including enchantments. Since Hardcore may be enough of a challenge for most players as it is, Self-Found will be an optional difficulty modifier that interested players will need to opt-in to if they want to try it.


Opting-in to Self-Found mode

Since Self-Found is an optional difficulty, it won’t have its own realm. Instead it will be an opt-in feature at character creation on either of the present Classic Hardcore realms. Pre-existing characters will not be able to opt-in to Self-Found and when it goes live, all who want to try it will need to create a new level 1 character. At the character creation screen next to the “Name” box is another interactable box called “Self-Found” which you need to click in order to opt-in. This box will also cover the restrictions of the mode when you hover over it.

Once you finish and accept, there will be a small icon on your character selection screen showing you that Self-Found is active and when you enter Azeroth with that character it will have a buff called “Self-Found Adventurer” indicating your challenge restrictions and “Soul of Iron” indicating you’ve never known defeat.

Opting-out of Self-Found mode

If you’ve decided that Self-Found mode isn’t for you and you’d rather go through Classic Hardcore unrestricted on your own terms, you can opt of it at any time by visiting certain NPCs in specific capital cities:


  • Apprentice Watcher at the Hall of Explorers, Ironforge
  • Apprentice Watcher at the Temple of the Moon, Darnassus


  • Apprentice Watcher at the Hall of Legends, Orgrimmar (near PVP vendors)
  • Apprentice Watcher at the Apothecarium, Undercity

Just keep in mind that once you opt-out of Self-Found, you can never opt-in again on that character. If you decide to take a shot at it in the future, you’ll have to create another level 1 character on a Hardcore realm.

Originally published on February 28, 2024. Updated on February 29, 2024.

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