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Mobile > Warcraft RumbleMar 6, 2024 1:45 pm CT

Bring da voodoo with the Witch Doctor: Warcraft Rumble Season 4 is now live!

Warcraft Rumble continues to move forward on a six-week Seasonal schedule, and Season 4 of Warcraft Rumble is now live! March 2024’s season of Rumble will include a wealth of content, so let’s break down everything we know about what’s in Season 4 of Warcraft Rumble.

What’s in Warcraft Rumble Season 4?

Update: An earlier version of this article listed Moonglade as confirmed Season 4 content; however, the release timing for Moonglade is currently still up in the air.

New Mini

The Troll Witch Doctor is ready to Rumble! This support caster will be part of the Horde family and can help to make your squad stronger, faster, or just obliterate whole flocks of chickens like firecrackers.

  • Name: Witch Doctor
  • Family: Horde
  • Deploy Cost: 2 Gold
  • Traits: Ranged, AOE, Elemental, Cycle

Unit Ability:

  • Cursed Beam: Curses enemies dealing damage over time and causing enemies to explode upon death, dealing AOE damage to other nearby enemies.


  • Amplify Curse: Enemies damaged by the Curse explosion also explode on death.
  • Spirit Ward: On kill, grant a shield to nearby allies, absorbing the next hit against them.
  • Alchemist: Periodically drop a potion, granting Bloodlust to the first ally that touches it.

New PVP Season

Season 4 is continuing the rewards that Season 3. These are a wealth of PVP adjustments, including Enchants that change how the map plays or give you fancier towers, balance updates, and a new map rotation. Players this season will be able to earn a new mecha kobold emote and additional currency rewards as they climb the leaderboards.

Season 4 rewards

It wouldn’t be a new season without new rewards. No new tower skins are included in Season 4, but players will be able to work towards a pair of new Mecha Kobold emotes for use in their guild chat and PVP matches. You’ll also unlock the Witch Doctor as you work with your guild to fill the war chest.

A new event is coming to Rumble

A new feature is also coming “sooner than we think” to Rumble: PVE events. These will offer new modifiers to the PVE experience and involve the Darkmoon Faire in some way. We already have Arclight Surges that modify the maps that we’re used to like the PVP modifiers, so it’s unlikely that it’s just another batch of those.

Maybe these events will be more similar to the last boss of the Gnomeregan dungeon and have us winning more unusually. The Darkmoon Faire in World of Warcraft is home to a bunch of mini-games and fun side activities, so it stands to reason that it’ll be similar in Rumble. Maybe Rumble is using this as an early opportunity to test players teaming up together on the same map before they launch the Molten Core raid.

What about the Faerie Dragon?

At BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard introduced the Faerie Dragon for Season 4. But development cycles can change, and we know that we aren’t getting the Faerie Dragon just yet. However, here’s what we know about the Faerie Dragon, which seemed well into development during BlizzCon, so it may not be too far off. The dev art from BlizzCon shows off at least two potential abilities/mechanics from our flying friend: Spit Attack and Teleport Sneeze.

Spit Attack is, presumably, part of the Faerie Dragon’s auto-attack — but it also means we’re probably (and not too surprisingly) looking at a ranged Mini. Coupled with the Teleport Sneeze, it feels like the Faerie Dragon is designed to cause a bit of chaos before peacing out to safety (and then doing it all over again). If that is indeed how the Faerie Dragon plays, we’re looking at a Mini that might not feel too far out of place alongside Jaina with the Blink talent.

Of course, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the Faerie Dragon, and what we do know could change! In the meantime, we always have Heroes of the Storm’s Brightwing to look at for inspiration (or, perhaps, just nostalgia and a sense of “What could’ve been…”).

When are new zones, dungeons, and raids coming to Warcraft Rumble?

According to Blizzard’s content overview, Rumble will be getting Scholomance as an additional dungeon and Molten Core as the game’s first raid — but we don’t know when either of those additions will be. Likewise, we’ll also be getting the Moonglade zone eventually.

Despite it being a seemingly great tie-in to the Faerie Dragon, Moonglade’s release timeline is currently unconfirmed. That said, it’s been described as the final (for now) zone in the main Campaign, intended to be completed after Blackrock Mountain. According to Blizzard, the featured bosses of Moonglade will be Brightwing, Brumera, Ysera, and Cenarius. And while the map diagrams we’ve seen are very clearly works in progress, at least one of them (Ysera’s) looks to shake up the usual format with a centralized player base surrounded on all sides.

Time will tell what the final encounters end up looking like, but Moonglade is sure to add a bit more content for those looking to either expand beyond the current campaign or to help level your Army on your way to Onyxia. As for Molten Core, it seems unlikely that Rumble’s first raid would release alongside Moonglade, as I imagine Blizzard will want players to finish the Campaign before hopping into the raid. Scholomance, however, is a bit harder to predict. It could really be added at any moment and not disrupt the game’s balance or overall flow.

That said — and while I don’t think this is actually the case — Scholomance premiering alongside a new Family type would put us up to six dungeons, six families, and a six-week seasonal rotation. It seems like that sort of addition would be saved for something bigger, but you never know. Blizzard has been keeping a lot of their cards hidden, and we still don’t have a great feel for how different types of content will be spaced out across various updates.

For now, Season 4 looks to be adding plenty to keep us busy.

Originally published February 13, 2024; updated March 6, 2024

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