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DiscussionMar 8, 2024 8:00 am CT

How far would you like to see Blizzard take Season of Discovery?

Prior to BlizzCon 2023, it was a solid bet that the next season of WoW Classic content was going to follow in the footsteps of Season of Mastery: a short form, level 1-60 experience in Classic/vanilla Azeroth. During Season of Discovery‘s announcement and in some of the interviews after, the WoW Classic team said their focus for the season was going to be on the Classic level 1-60 frame. However, one line in the recent Season of Discovery Phase 2 update notes references “features and content in a post-60 Season of Discovery.” I couldn’t help but be intrigued about what that could possibly mean and now it begs the question, how far would you like to see Blizzard take Season of Discovery?

This, of course, immediately assumes that the content referenced means expansion content and there is a very good chance it could just mean new activities to do. Blizzard has already introduced new types of activities in Season of Discovery with events like the Blood Moon while also successfully revamping and revitalizing different dungeons into raid activities in each phase. Let’s assume expansion content is on the table. Personally, I think Season of Discovery works very well as a standalone level 1-60 experience but if it were to go beyond that, I’d only go into The Burning Crusade Classic

I think TBC Classic content would be able to retain the sentiment around discovery and exploration without the season overstaying its welcome. Wrath of the Lich King Classic introduces rune engraving as a Death Knight specific feature so that would either require revamping or straight up replacing this system for Death Knight’s to keep it on par with the runes and abilities the other classes would have gaained up to this time. It wouldn’t make much sense to go beyond that any way because Cataclysm is already a world-resetting expansion and I think that would be a technological and logistical nightmare to alter into Season of Discovery type content.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts — do you want to see other Season of Discovery go into other expansions or would you prefer newer activities instead at level 60? How far would you like to see it go or what would you like to see added instead?

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