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The QueueMar 18, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Hey, why don’t you pick on someone your own size!

Do you ever think that the bosses we fight in raids are just bullies? That if they ever had to fight someone their own size they’d give up and just let us get past without putting up a real fight. Probably while muttering something about how we were lucky they had somewhere to be just then and if it was any other day they’d pound us into the ground.

Well, unfortunately, even after growing my Paladin into the Jolly Green Giant with a Jolly Green Polearm — Igira still made us fight her like normal! Very rude in my opinion. Maybe I need to be bigger…

While I try and figure out the glitch that is growing mounts to Godzilla size around the Hearthstone event, it’s time for — The Queue!


If they make a movie out of my life, I hope it’s on the Lifetime Channel and they get a guy who’s down on his luck to play me. Someone should benefit from this.

I know who I’d want to play me — Jack Black. He’s roughly the same shape that I am and has a great beard, and I love the man. He’s so fun in everything that he does, I can’t help but enjoy it. So I assume that would make my movie enjoyable too!

He’s a little older than I am right now though so I better do something that’s movie-worthy soon so that he can still play me. If it’s not him, I wanna see someone like Daniel Radcliffe play me and be just way more in shape than I am. Actually make everyone in the movie played by the ultimate Hollywood pretty people and then during the credits put the real pictures up next to the actor and everyone can get a good chuckle out of my vanity.


QftLorewatch: How would each Starcraft faction do against their counterpart in Warhammer 40k? I weirdly think the Terran might have a chance…..but do agree the Tyrannid’s shadow prolly knocks out zergs as a whole….and pick whichever chaos god you want to be given the Protoss as an early christmas gift.

I don’t think that any of the StarCraft factions really have much of a chance. The Warhammer 40,000 stuff is just dialed way up to eleven in all aspects that the relative mundanity of StarCraft can compare.

The Terran Space Marines are just regular guys in fancy suits, the Adeptus Astartes are the most cold-blooded ruthless, and toughest children from a planet put through the most grueling training imaginable, and then they’re jammed full of fancy bio-engineering and stuffed in walking tank armor. Their more normal armies are specifically designed to crush all opposition through the sheer weight of numbers and a callous disregard for their own casualties. Even were the Terrans able to turn the tide, the odds are good that the Imperium would just destroy the whole planet and move on to the next.

The Zerg vs Tyranid matchup would just be a matter of whoever can eat the other one faster. It’s hard to say who would come out ahead as both factions have rapid evolution as part of their traits so there might come a point where they’re just one big army ready to go on consuming the rest of the galaxy without ever having had a clear winner. Or the psychic deadening field around the Hive Fleet would overpower the Overmind’s control of the lesser Zerg forms and leave them easy prey for the hungry Tyranids.

The Protoss and Eldar are closer in relative power I think. Both factions have highly trained combat units and a focus on using non-living proxies in their combat. Where I think that the Eldar pull ahead is in their various Aspect Warriors and the Avatar of Khaine. Those can fulfill more niche combat roles to outflank the more rigid Protoss and when the Avatar takes the field how can the Protoss hope to stand against the rage of a god?


Question for a BWP: Hear me out, what if Season 4 of expansion’s raid was an equivalent to FFXIV’s ultimate raids. Lorewalker Cho and Andantenormu retell the story of the expansion with “what if” encounters and select raid bosses with Affixes. Thoughts?

I’d much prefer that over having three different raids to progress in any given week. I like seeing a new twist on the older content again, and even from the beginning of Dragonflight to now I know I’ve forgotten some of the intricacies of some of the fights. At the same time though, there are some that are almost identical in general shape and we don’t need to kill them in the same week, do we? Volcoross and Terros are both big giant fights that revolve around a central point and the room is gradually covered in bad goo. The Primal Council and the Council of Dreams share the council archetype of managing attacks coming from multiple targets and using their abilities against each other.

Give us a single 10-15 boss raid of the best bosses from each tier, with each wing capped off with their end boss. Maybe have the other wings empowered by the final bosses as you kill them. So if your raid had the most trouble with Fyrakk this time around go to him first and deal with him without an affix, but know that Raszageth and Sarkareth will both have some sort of fire ability given to them you’ll have to deal with.


QftQ or podcast – is the richest NPC in the game Mystic Birdhat?

I’d say so!

People are always tweaking their transmogs and a full transmog reset can cost 600 gold by the time you’re at the end game! That’s too much I say, but I’m sure Mystic Birdhat is eating it up.

We saw Rendle the Dredger get pretty wealthy as the repair NPC from Castle Nathria, and I think that he was in a good spot to take the crown, but then he started giving it away to us in Korthia, so he’s probably a lot less wealthy than he started out.

Madam Goya might also be the richest though. Ten million gold all at once for the rarest mounts and items in her inventory does add up pretty quickly, even if only a few people each day are spending that. It would really depend on if the amount of people transmogging on each server adds up to ten million gold a day. If it does, than Birdhat wins, if not though it’d need a full crack team of honest Goblin accountants to run all the numbers to declare a true winner — and who’s ever seen an honest Goblin accountant?!


QftQ – If you could nominate someone for a voiced cameo in WoW, who would you pick, and what role would you see them in?

Jack Black sprung to mind first. He could play a traveling bard that moves from city to city and does a little song in each as he arrives. Of course, once we have one traveling bard, we’ll need more! Darren Korb and Ashely Barret could be a great duo who go around singing songs about someone who went into the Firelands to rescue their one true love, only to fail right at the end of their quest.

I’d also really love Cecil Baldwin of Welcome to Night Vale to get the opportunity to voice someone reporting back on an Old God incursion in their small Tanaris town.

This week Bacardi had just gotten his spot on the couch back and what happened? His owner came along and bothered him by taking pictures! That means there’s probably good luck for anyone who isn’t me this week in their Vaults! Maybe he’ll forget by Tuesday, and I’ll be able to get something shiny out of my vault too…

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Captain Kelly’s Kitchen

Have a great week everyone! I hope that you’re not too hungover if you indulged in a little St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Don’t forget to leave Anna lots of questions for her Queue on Tuesday!

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