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Transmog > WoWMar 19, 2024 11:00 pm CT

All of the rewards from the WoW Plunderstorm event

World of Warcraft’s new battle royal mode, Plunderstorm is all about the epic loot… and by loot we mean transmog. In Plunderstorm, you work your way through 40 levels of Renown with Keg Leg’s Crew, and the rewards are almost all pirate-themed looks that are well worth equipping.

Plunderstorm ends on April 30, 2024, so you have a limited amount of time to snag these rewards!

We have more Plunderstorm guides to help you reach all of your piratical goals! Here’s everything you need to know about Plunderstorm.

And while the early tiers feature fairly mundane gear designed for deckhands, by the end of the Renown track you’ll be decked out as finely the Lord Admiral herself. (Though the Lord Admiral might not approve of piracy, so you may not want to show off in front of her.) But no matter what event you’re dressing up for, here are all of the rewards from the patch 10.2.6 Plunderstorm event:

  1. Deadly Dagger transmog
  2. Swabbie’s Gloves transmog
  3. Surefooted Boots transmog
  4. Quilted Breeches transmog
  5. Calcified Claymore transmog, A Keg-Stamped Package quest for level 70 characters which unlocks a new vendor in Valdrakken
  6. Spun Cotton Shirt transmog, Happy pet
  7. Skulker’s Cloak transmog
  8. Copper Cannon transmog
  9. Warm Woolen Cap transmog
  10. Silver Tidestallion mount
  11. Bubbles pet, Pinchy pet (Classic)
  12. Swindler’s Cutouts transmog
  13. Blacksteel Saber transmog
  14. Silent Leathers transmog
  15. Handwoven Trousers transmog
  16. Marvelous Multi-Shot transmog, Swarthy Warning Sign toy
  17. Fine Crimson Doublet transmog
  18. Bloody Iron Cleaver transmog
  19. Weatherproven Drape transmog
  20. Royal Seafeather mount
  21. Storm Captain’s Hat transmog
  22. Plunderlord’s Gilded Sigil transmog
  23. Plunderlord’s Cuffs transmog
  24. Plundered Bag of Tender (250 Trader’s Tender), A Tiny Plumed Tricorn (pirate Pepe)
  25. Plunderlord’s Golden Cinch transmog
  26. Plunderlord’s Pilferers transmog
  27. Plunderlord’s Neck-Severer transmog
  28. Plunderlord’s Muckscrapers transmog
  29. Plunderlord’s Fancy Trousers transmog
  30. Glamrok pet
  31. Plunderlord’s Fine Rapier transmog
  32. Plunderlord’s Hand Cannon transmog
  33. Plundered Chest of Tender (500 Trader’s Tender)
  34. Plunderlord’s Waistcoat transmog
  35. Plunderlord’s Drapery transmog
  36. Plunderlord’s Silver Cutlass transmog
  37. Plunderlord’s Tassled Spaulders transmog
  38. Plunderlord’s Tricorne of Admiralty transmog, Plunderlord’s Monocle transmog
  39. Polly Roger mount, Polly Roger mount (Classic)
  40. Plunderlord title, Plunderlord’s Tabard

How to claim Plunderstorm rewards

You don’t need to do anything special to claim your rewards: just log on to your World of Warcraft character and your rewards should be waiting for you! Most rewards are only available in retail WoW, but one mount and pet are also available in Wrath Classic.

The transmog rewards can also be used in Plunderstorm to distinguish your character from the rest: simply talk to Da’kash Grimledger in the Plunderstorm lobby to change your weapon or armor to an appearance you’ve earned.

How long will it take to earn Plunderstorm rewards?

Earning all of these rewards may take you some time. Each tier requires 2500 Renown (or Plunder), and depending on how well you do in the Plunderstorm, you may earn a Renown level every four matches or so. (Unfortunately, with how well I do, it will definitely take more than four matches.) Matches take 10-15 minutes, so earning all Plunderstorm rewards could be anywhere from 25 to 40 hours worth of work.

We have some guidelines for maximizing your Renown earnings, but no matter how well you play, expect to devote some time to earn the top transmogs.

Originally published March 19, 2024; updated April 15, 2024

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