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WoWMar 22, 2024 10:00 am CT

How to get Taivan, a very good boy, as a mount in World of Warcraft

Are you a fan of Taivan, the best boy? Do you wish you could feel the virtual breeze through your hair as he carries you through the Ohn’ahran Plains, nestled in his plush fur? Well, I’ve got good news and bad news: the good news is that Dragonflight Patch 10.2.6 added a new expansion-wide meta-achievement, A World Awoken, that rewards the Good Boy’s Leash for completing it — letting you summon a mountable version of Taivan! The bad news is that, depending on how much of a completionist you’ve been during Dragonflight so far, you could be in for one heck of a grind.

Much like ShadowlandsBack from the Beyond (and the now-retired legacy version), A World Awoken challenges you to really plumb the depths of what the expansion has to offer. Here’s a taste of what you’ll be looking at completing (and keep in mind that no, these are not all the requirements):

  • Completing every Dragonflight raid on some difficulty — LFR counts, but you gotta do all of them once in their entirety — and every Dragonflight dungeon on a minimum of Mythic 0. (Might want to do that one before they get more difficult in Season 4 — or maybe wait for Season 4 for better rewards for doing them.)
  • Maxing out every Renown and completing all the quests offered by those Renowns. You’ll also be maxing out friendship with Wrathion, Sabellian, and Soridormi, as well as learning a whole new language.
  • Doing all those optional side quest chains all over the place — rebuilding Tyr, helping Baine learn not all centaur are terrible, and more. This includes doing eight of the Eon’s Fringe dailies — and no, since the achievement didn’t exist until 10.2.6, none of your prior dailies count (and there’s a possibility it’s just buggy right now, so maybe don’t go super hard into Eon’s Fringe).
  • Looting every hidden treasure in every zone, taking on at least 10 rares in every zone, fully exploring the map, and more. Luckily, Zaralek Cavern’s Seething Cache, which rewards a slug mount, is exempt from this list — probably because it’s a giant pain to get if there’s any competition at all at the time.
  • Completing a great deal of quests — at a minimum, all the main storylines in every zone and all the side quest storylines in each zone. Azure Span is especially quest-heavy, as you’re also going to have to complete all the optional quests in the eastern half of the zone.
  • lot of dragon racing — although as a plus, you don’t have to get higher than a bronze in any of the races.

And remember, there’s even more than this.

So much to organize, we made you a checklist

How can you keep track of all that? Luckily, we’ve got a tool to help track your progress — click this link to open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, click “Use Template” to make your own copy, and tick the checkboxes as you go. I didn’t break all the achievements down to their bare minimum (Storm Chaser, especially, has so many sub-subsub achievements) but at the very least this should help you get a rough idea of how far along you are.

As for me? 44/134 objectives, or about 33% done. I’ve got a long way to go — but it’s worth it to be able to bring the goodest boy ever along with me on my adventures!

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