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The QueueApr 1, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Fooled You!

Oh wait, was I supposed to set up a joke first and then say I fooled you? Dang, I’m not good at April Fool’s Day I guess.

While I try and figure this out, it’s time for — The Queue!


Q4tQ Do you think sacrificing 59 pirates is an efficient method of acquiring plunder? Asking for Captain Keg Leg.

Most efficient? Not especially, but most lucrative? Probably!

Would you rather have a 61-way split for your treasure or a 2-way split for your treasure? This way Captain Keg Leg gets maximum booty extracted from the area, and only has to split it with one other person, or more likely kills you and keeps all the treasure for himself. There seems to be no end in sight of semi-qualified individuals signing up to be pirates so maybe it’s fairly easy to fill out the next roster.


Should Feral and Guardian Druids get a “glyph of the stars” equivalent that lets them tank/fite while not visibly shapeshifted? I’m imagining it giving, like, a bear ear/cat ear headband or something.

It’s weird, I’ve always had a harder time playing Feral if I’m not cat-shaped. I can play Guardian just fine Transmorphed into something else, but as soon as you do that to me in Feral it’s like I’ve forgotten everything I ever knew about playing cat.

Maybe I’m alone in this, maybe everyone else wishes their Feral Druids could look super fly with a pair of daggers like they had in Legion going stab stab stab.

They could just call it Glyph of a Primal Spirit and make you slightly translucent like it’s your inner spirit doing all of the animal things instead of actually having to be an animal. Although I’m sure that there are a lot of people out there where the cat ears might be the big selling point.


If you are fighting a difficult boss and are in a situation where both of you will die in one hit, then are you not obligated to achieve the win with the most impractical move in your arsenal?

I had to stare into the middle distance for a while after reading this. Of course, I’m obligated to pull off the flashiest nonsense possible, and that dear readers, has been my doom on more than one occasion.

Wouldn’t it be so much cooler if I set up an elaborate Rube Goldbergesque chain reaction to knock that one explosive barrel into the boss from behind — is a thought that has crossed my mind before suddenly in my inattention the boss dropped his giant hammer on my face and now I’m looking at a loading screen.

It’s a siren song of hubris leading my poor characters to their doom, and the worst part is that even though I can recognize it in hindsight. All too often in the moment, I am utterly blind to it. I don’t think that I’ll ever fully be rid of the urge to show off a little.

Even if I’m all by myself!


You’re a Hordie, right? Does Lady Liadrin have a last name? And if not, why not?

Isn’t Liadrin her last name? I’m not fully up on how Lord and Lady titles work in real life, but I always assumed it was her last name. Liadrin could be either a first or last name for an Elf I feel.

If however, Liadrin is her first name, I assume that her last name is something suitably epic as befitting such a badass champion of the Light.

  • Liadrin Undeadsmiter
  • Liadrin Foehammer
  • Liadrin LegoWalker
  • Liadrin PaysforWinRar
  • Liadrin Glassofmilkinadirtycup

Of course, it could also be a Mononym like Cher or Madonna. Maybe since Liadrin always seems to be standing alone against her foes her name stands alone.


Why is it going to snow in this first week of April?

As long as it isn’t snowing in the first week of May.

Here in Edmonton, our average April snowfall is still in the 15 centimeters/6 inches range. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s more than nothing and that does feel like a personal attack sometimes. At this point, I’m so over Winter that any frost on my car or snow on the ground is an unbelievable imposition that I’ll never recover from.

As for the why of it all, clearly we’ve angered a God of Snow somewhere in our history and they’ve decided to make all of us miserable. It’s the only logical explanation!


When do you think TWW will hit the PTR?

We still don’t even have Pandamonium on the PTR!

The World Within will likely make an appearance starting in May I bet. Maybe the end of May. We’ll have likely been in Season 4 of Dragonflight for a hot minute by then and that means that we can start to look forward at doing something about that sword in the planet.


Q4TQ: how do you feel about April Fools Day? (Which side are you taking on this civil war?)

I like it.

Sure it’s all marketing and brands these days, but also sometimes the jokes are really funny! At the very least someone should be applauded for making some of the extra functionality in the apps work the way it does.

What I’ll never forgive and never forget though, is that many many years ago Heroes of the Storm had a big head mode applied for April Fool’s and it’s never come back since. How dare they!

Maybe they were worried that it would be too easy to play Nova…

Today’s Bacardi has just had a nice cup of coffee and is ready to stay up all night howling at things only he can see. Somewhere along the way he may or may not give you better luck in your Vaults. As we approach the end of the season there are still chances to get your shiniest weapon so that you can hit the ground running extra hard in Season 4!

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Neon Pill

Ok so maybe I figured out April Fool’s after all. Don’t make Anna feel too fooled tomorrow and leave her lots of questions!

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