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WoWApr 9, 2024 4:00 pm CT

How to complete the Into the Storm meta-achievement in Dragonflight — and get one step closer to your own Taivan mount

One of the heftiest Dragonflight meta-achievements that people trying to get their very own Taivan mount have to get through is Into the Storm. Recently, this achievement was even updated to finally correctly award its own mount, the lovely axolotl-like Coralscale Salamanther as a bonus, but many of us tackling elemental storms right now are after Taivan. And rest assured, this achievement is no easy feat — by the time you finish Into the Storm, you’ll have racked up no fewer than twenty-five achievements. This can be a lot to keep track of, so if you’re wondering how to begin tackling this mountain of a task, here’s some help to get you started.

Into the Storm is actually made up of four other achievements — Storm Chaser, Stormed Off, Storming the Runway, and Elemental Overload. We’ll tackle them from easiest to most tedious.

  • Elemental Overload: Obtain 5000 Elemental Overflow. This achievement is one that you’ll get naturally in the process of doing the other achievements, so it isn’t even worth worrying about it separately — it’ll just happen on its own.
  • Storming the Runway: Collect an armor set from the Primal Storms. These are the armor sets sold by Mythressa in Valdrakken in exchange for (surprise) Elemental Overflow. Each complete set costs 3150 Elemental Overflow, so by the time you finish Elemental Overload you’ll have all the currency you need to finish this one as well. As a tip, though, be sure and check the look in your in-game appearance collection to see which cloak matches it — you’ll see all the cloaks on the vendor, but each cloak is designed to match a specific armor set.
  • Stormed Off: Defeat eight special creatures during storm events in the Dragon Isles. Out of this list of 18 storm-empowered rares, you only need to finish off eight of them. Each type of storm seems to be tied to specific rares, rather than them spawning in specific zones, so keep an eye out for them — one will spawn when the storm begins, followed by another every 30-50 minutes.
  • Storm Chaser: This meta-achievement is itself made up of four achievements — one for each original zone in the Dragon Isles (Waking Shores, Ohn’ahran Plains, Azure Span, and Thaldraszus). These four are in turn made up of four more achievements each, one for each elemental type — for example, Thunderstorms, Firestorms, Sandstorms, and Snowstorms in the Waking Shores.
    • Storms occur fairly frequently across the Dragon Isles — the easiest way to see whether one is up, other than looking at your map in-game, is checking Wowhead’s “Today in WoW” feature at the top of the front page. Initially the storm distribution was unevenly concentrated in specific zones and had been reduced to one at a time; Blizzard hotfixed the storms to be more evenly distributed and spawn two storms at a time again, but this hotfix appears to have been reverted. For now, we again have just one storm up at a time — though it may be hot fixed again.
    • The objective of each of the Storm Chaser achievements is the same: defeat 200 Elementally Imbued creatures in each storm type in each zone — so 200 imbued creatures in Waking Shores in a snowstorm, 200 in Waking Shores in a firestorm, 200 in Waking Shores in a sandstorm, 200 in Waking Shores in a thunderstorm, and so on for the other four zones — a total of 3200 Elementally Imbued creatures.
    • It can be easy to waste your time fighting the wrong enemies. I highly recommend tracking the achievement and using some kind of nameplate addon that displays the Elementally Imbued buff above the enemy’s nameplate to be sure you’re killing the correct mobs (you can also just look for the buff below their unit frame like usual). The trick is to look for enemies who are always there, not the Primalists or their elemental lackeys spawned by the storm — for example, if you’re at a storm in Scalecracker Keep in the Waking Shores, you want to fight the djaradin, who are always there, and will be Elementally Imbued. This goes for their pets as well — the phoenixes, magmammoths, and so on. I highly recommend using Wowhead comments for specific storms as a resource, as they will occasionally list places where enemies constantly respawn for you to farm, rather than having to do a lot of movement and hunting for enemies.
    • In addition to killing these enemies for this achievement, you’ll also be getting Elemental Overflow from looting them, helping to complete Elemental Overload and Storming the Runway — this is going to really be the bulk of this achievement, so work on chipping away at it a little at a time and the first two achievements will follow naturally.

This can be a mountain of an achievement, but with one mount merely for completing it, and this being a bulk of the tasks towards acquiring the Good Boy’s Leash, many players will tackle it eventually. Just keep an eye out for storms, be careful not to waste time killing the wrong mobs, and don’t burn yourself out mindlessly grinding — maybe put an interesting video on another monitor, or jam to some music, or whatever you find more interesting than slaughtering 200 enemies at a time.

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