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The QueueApr 11, 2024 11:59 am CT

The Queue: Amalur forever

Some people come back to Skyrim or Oblivion over and over again, but for my money, the best computer RPG to return to is Kingdoms of Amalur. The Re-Reckoning version released by THQNordic, complete with the Fatesworn DLC, has been my game of choice lately after I finished a pretty fraught playthrough of Baldur’s Gate 3. Partially because of the balancing changes and partly because I wanted to actually get to see Fatesworn, I was interested in getting to play it again.

Anyway, I think it still holds up pretty well. It’s my favorite fantasy RPG and the conceit of playing a character who can change the fates of others because their own fate was removed reminds me a bit of the old David Eddings books I like, the Sparhawk series.


Q4tQ: Do you think there are any lore implications that the Infinite Dragonflight and Eternus are our guides through Mists Remixed, instead of the usual Bronze Dragonflight?

I mean, there certainly could be. Eternus said they’d talk to the other Infinites, and it’s entirely possible that some — perhaps a majority — of the Flight is now reconciled to Nozdormu now that it seems possible that he will never become Murozond. Does this mean there’s a schism in the Infinites? Do we now have two competing versions of the Infinite Flight, one seeking to change things to bring about Murozond while the other still feels that time should be changed but with compassion towards those who will be affected? It’s possible and we might find out more once the Remix event debuts.

Honestly, though, I’m a little suspicious of the whole Remix idea. It feels like a way to keep players busy without having to make actual new content for them. I realize that’s a fairly jaundiced view of things but that’s where I’m at.


Q4TQ: The WoW Remix feature seems pretty easy to use going forward for any expansion they choose. Which do you think will be next, and which do you want to be next?

I think Wrath of the Lich King is so obvious that I kind of hope it doesn’t happen. In a way, I think Cataclysm might have been a better choice than Mists, and I would be interested to see what a Remix of that expansion would look like, while others like Legion or Warlords also kind of tick my this might be cool box, but I’m not really sure I want to see any of them do this.

I need to see how Remix actually feels before I decide, ultimately.


My single apprehension about WoW Remix is that we might not be getting a MoP Classic if the powers that be decide that “just doing the whole thing again on retail” is close enough.

I think it’s more likely that they’ll do Remixes and put expansions in Classic, because why not? It’s like getting to sell the same expansion to us three times.

Sincerely, at this point WoW Classic exists to keep folks that aren’t playing Retail subbed to WoW. So why not release Remix versions of the game as events for players of Retail WoW and then, since you’re doing the work of making the Remix version of that expansion anyway, keep going and make a Classic version of it too? It’s hard for me to say exactly how much of the work on a Remix Mists can be used for Classic, but I have to believe at least some of it will be applicable.


Q4tQ: I need to make a token for an Animated Axe. This doesn’t seem to be in any of my Pawns collections.

So…actual axe, or Axe body spray for the picture?

I mean, if you want all good beings in existence to want this animated axe dead, use the body spray. Just be prepared for it to come to life in a strange Weird Science inspired rampage of evil that will end up costing you your soul and probably some fingers.


Well this makes me feel vaguely ill

I was working on this Queue and when I got to Dishsoap’s comment “who’s making this game? Galen Weston?” I started laughing until I literally could not breathe and had to lay my head down on the desk for a while.

As my wife put it, That’s a Loblaw’s deep cut. I’m sorry for my American friends who don’t understand just how perfect that comment was, Dishsoap, but it is my pick for Ultimate Mega-Awesome Comment of the Queue for this week.


If there’s one thing I know with certainty, it’s that NElves are a notoriously forgiving lot.

This was runner up for the Ultimate Mega-Awesome Comment of the Queue and I couldn’t in good conscience not put it in here, if only because this is my main about to punch a weird dragony thing in the face until it lets me ride it.

See how gentle and forgiving we Night Elves are?

Okay, so that’s the Queue for today. Take care everyone. Maybe we’ll get a sneaky WoW Remix that’s Diablo. Just the whole original Diablo, the entire game, inside a zone in the Eastern Kingdoms.

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