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Mobile > Warcraft RumbleApr 12, 2024 3:00 pm CT

What’s in Warcraft Rumble Season 5? The Darkmoon Faire and the Faerie Dragon mini are now live!

Warcraft Rumble Season 5 is now live! The Troll Witch Doctor‘s voodoo is subsiding and now it’s time for the Faerie Dragon mini to make its long-awaited appearance. Originally slated for Season 4, our new draconic buddy is available to unlock since Season 5 started on April 17.

And a new mini isn’t all the season has in store. As we reach the six-month mark of Warcraft Rumble’s release date, the developers are adding the first new PVE content with the Darkmoon Faire, which will launch later in Season 5.

Let’s take a look at what we’re getting in Warcraft Rumble Season 5 when it launches next week.

What’s new in Warcraft Rumble Season 5?

New Mini: Faerie Dragon

The Faerie Dragon has finally arrived! This mischievous little dragon will help to keep those pesky stealth units from getting the drop on your minis, plus it can talent into an ability to make any one of your units able to withstand much more magical damage. No longer will those Blackrock Flamewalkers turn your poor Ghouls into a pile of ash before they can even reach them. Teleport sneeze will help to protect your dragon from some common anti-air units and keep it in the fray long enough to really cause some damage to your foes.

Here are the details on this new mini:

  • Name: Faerie Dragon
  • Family: Cenarion
  • Deploy Cost: 3 Gold
  • Health: 180
  • Damage: 170
  • Ability: Spit: Ranged single target attack.
  • Traits: Flying, Elemental, Resist, and two new traits:
    • Nullify: Immune to Poison, Burn, Stun and slowing effects.
    • Detect Invisibility: Can attack Stealth enemies.
  • Talents:
    • Phase Shift: Teleport backwards when attacked.
    • Invisibility: Gain Stealth.
    • Fae Blessing: Grant Resist to a nearby Ally. Ability has one charge.

New PVP Season

For PVP, Season 5 continues the changes that we saw in seasons 3 and 4. These are a wealth of PVP adjustments, including Enchants that change how the map plays or give you fancier towers, balance updates, and a new map rotation. These map enhancements have been modified to change more frequently now.

Players this season will be able to earn a rockin’ new Pyromancer emote where flames shoot out of her fingers, plus there are additional currency rewards for climbing the leaderboards.

Season 5 rewards

It wouldn’t be a new season without new rewards. No new tower skins are included in Season 5, but players will be able to work towards a pair of new emotes for use in their guild chat and PVP matches.

  • Pyromancer emote: Available via PVP
  • Gnomelia emote: Available via guild war chest
  • Faerie Dragon mini: Available via guild war chest

I’m hopeful that next season will give us new tower skins, hopefully fitting the aesthetic of the new Moonglade zone.

The Darkmoon Faire arrives in Rumble

A long-running fan-favorite staple of World of Warcraft — The Darkmoon Faire — is making its Rumble debut. The Faire has appeared on the map between the two continents and players will be able to visit it for the first time during Season 5, when it will “start making regular appearances” in the game.

While the Faire is running you’ll be able to complete challenges to unlock prize tickets that can be spent on a variety of good rewards, including experience tomes for your minis, currencies, and extra stars to help level up your minis to better qualities. As a bonus every ticket you earn is shared with your guild, meaning that the more people you have playing the events the better the guild will do as a whole!

During these challenges, there’ll be special Darkmoon-themed Chaos Chests popping up in matches. These have a bunch of different effects that could happen when you open them, some good and some maybe not so good.

These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Permanent polymorphs
  • Spawn massive beasts
  • Open the door for many goblins
  • Change Mini costs

It sounds like the Faire will run for a week at a time, so make sure that you get in on the action often during that week! Any unspent tickets at the end of the event won’t carry over, but they will turn into Arclight Energy so at least they won’t be wasted.

When are new zones, dungeons, and raids coming to Warcraft Rumble?

There are still three big question marks here in Warcraft Rumble — Moonglade, Scholomance, and Molten Core. These zones have been announced as coming since BlizzCon — but with no release dates.

Moonglade is going to be the last of the open-world zones, intended to be completed after Blackrock Mountain. The encounters there will stretch your minis to their limits in order to prepare them for Molten Core and Onyxia. We’ll also be fighting Brightwing as part of the confirmed bosses of Moonglade. Luckily, we have our own Faerie Dragon now to counter her mischief.

Scholomance has been announced as the next dungeon to be added and would bring the total number to six. With only five factions currently in the game, it’s possible that we’ll also see a new batch of units added to create a sixth family. Maybe more like the Faerie Dragon since that is listed as belonging to the Cenarion family — which doesn’t currently exist in the game. There are a lot of forest-related units like Treants and Hippogryphs that could be used to build out the Cenarion family not in the game yet.

I’m also eagerly awaiting our first foray into raid content in Rumble with a trip to Molten Core. It feels like this is still a little ways off before it’ll be ready, but I hope to be raiding soon, I’ve really wanted to have a chance to play alongside my guildmates and make some armies that really synergize with each other.

We still don’t know when we’ll get to play with any of those, but at least the Darkmoon Faire is going to be keeping us busy in Season 5.

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