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The War Within > WoWApr 22, 2024 3:30 pm CT

All the features of the new Earthen Allied Race in The War Within

The War Within will be focusing on the Earthen race in its story campaign, with the first two zones largely centered around them. As announced alongside World of Warcraft‘s newest expansion, players will unlock the Earthen as an Allied Race for both the Alliance and Horde.

As The War Within is currently in alpha these features should be considered a work in progress and many numerical values have not been set or could be adjusted before go-live. However, there’s already plenty of informatio regarding playable classes and racial abilities. Here’s everything we know about the Earthen Allied Race so far.

How to unlock Earthen

You won’t be able to roll an Earthen as soon as The War Within launches: you’ll have to level a character to 80 and finish the main campaign quest as well as a specific quest to recruit the Earthen.

Like other Allied Races, the Earthen will start their leveling experience at level 10 most likely in the Earthen capital city of Dornogal before venturing to the capital cities of Stormwind or Orgrimmar, depending on which faction you’ve selected. There is also Heritage Armor available, with the same expectation that you’ll need to level a fresh Earthen from 10 to 50 (or 60?) to unlock.

Earthen classes

The following classes will be available to the Earthen:

  • Death Knight
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

Earthen Paladins will have a new ram mount modeled after those found on the Isle of Dorn for their charger and divine steed, and Shaman will have a new unique set of Earthen-specific totems.

Earthen racial abilities

The racial abilities for Earthen include the first non-Evoker empowered ability and a complete rejection of food! The full list of abilities are:

  • Azerite Surge — An empowered spell with three levels. The default first level is a Fire AOE, the second level adds a heal to nearby allies, and fully empowered does additional damage to the highest health enemy in range.
  • Ingest Minerals — Earthen are always Well Fed, but cannot consume Food (the assumption is you’ll still be able to consume Water for mana restoration — what’s going to happen with Mage Food is unknown). Consuming a gem provides a Well Fed stat buff based on the gem:
    • Amber: Stamina
    • Emerald: Haste
    • Onyx: Mastery
    • Ruby: Critical Strike
    • Sapphire: Versatility
  • Hyper Productive — Earthen get a Finesse bonus, increasing the chance for additional materials when using a gathering professions such as Herbalism, Mining, or Skinning.
  • Titan-Wrought Frame — The Base Armor from equipped items will be increased for Earthen. It is unlikely this number will be significant enough that Mythic Raiders will be race-changing all Tanks to Earthen.
  • Wide-Eyed Wonder — Additional experience from exploration. When leveling your Earthen you’ll want to make sure you don’t use the Warband Map to Everything Everywhere All at Once.

While it’s still early the Earthen look like they’ll be a solid addition to the roster of Allied Races, especially for the Horde who have been deprived of a Dwarf or Dwarf-adjacent faction until now.

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