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Allied Race

The Queue: Desideratum

It’s not a secret that I was both very happy with and very disappointed with Warlords of Draenor. I felt, and I still feel, that the 90 to 100 game was nearly perfect — the premise was executed well, it was easy to follow considering it was an alternate timeline we were visiting, the voice acting was superb. The cracks only started to show once I hit level 100 and it felt like there wasn’t anything else to do once I got there. We never got to see the zone I was the most excited about, for example. Farahlon never made it to the live game, and we never even tried to explore the southern continent on the original Draenor maps Blizzard produced for Warlords.

Time has, to a degree, vindicated Warlords — without it, we wouldn’t have had Legion, and this has been exactly what we needed from an expansion. I’m a bit leery that Battle for Azeroth has some huge shoes to fill in that regard. But as of right now, I’m sitting here remembering Warlords of Draenor and how that expansive, broad, astonishing world ended up not quite measuring up. Maybe it couldn’t. Maybe my expectations were too high.

Let’s talk about stuff.