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The QueueApr 23, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I do kinda want to set the world on fire, actually.

I’ve slowly but surely been working my way through the Fallout tv series. It’s excellent from what I’ve seen so far, and it’s truly bingeable but my kid has always had a knack for interrupting any media at the goriest (or horniest) of times, so there have been a whole lot of interruptions. In other words, I’m in the middle of episode 2, and I’ve already had to pause it four different times in the past half hour. I may have to give up and watch it on my phone in the bathroom or something. At least it has colors other than lime green?

This is The Queue, our daily column where you ask us questions and we’ll give you the answers since we already paused it anyway.



so I’m noticing the datamined items for tww are showing ‘binds to warband’

is this a new term for ‘binds to account’?

warband is technically all your characters even if it only shows 4 on the screen, yes?

“Binds to Warband” is essentially the same as “Bind to Account” with the crucial difference that, once you equip it on any character, it then becomes bound to only that character. It gives you a little more flexibility with drops, but you won’t be able to shuttle it around from character to character as you level your alts.

And yes, your Warband is all your characters on your account. Yes, all of them. No, you don’t have to do anything special — all the characters in your account are now your Warband. All of them. Automatically. Yes, really. The four around the campfire is just a login display thing, the same as your initial character being displayed on login was before. You can see a few more at-a-glance stats for those characters on that screen, but it gives no actual mechanical benefit to those characters after the login screen. And yes, the campfire login is kind of annoying for me personally, because it seems to add nothing to the conversation but confusion.

Hoo boy, is it adding confusion.


Q4TQ: Steam has Pacific Drive on sale. It looks like mindless fun. Has anyone ever played it?

Pacific Drive has rocketed up my personal games ranking. It’s my GOTY, though it’s only April so there haven’t been a ton of contenders to date, but even so. However, even with that glowing endorsement it’s also a game that I hesitate to recommend, just because it is such a unique, weird experience and a lot of people don’t quite get it — and if you don’t get it, you really do not get it.

The game itself is haunting, and weird, and kind of a blast. You’re warned early on that you’re linked to your car, and that’s normal, and it’s normal that you slowly become obsessed with it and lose your sanity. Everyone who’s linked like this does, it tells you. But hey, may as well enjoy the ride until you get it figured out, right? If nothing else, it’s an incredible vibe. The soundtrack alone is phenomenal and really captures something special.

But in the same breath I do have to warn you that it’s not something every person will get, or understand. It’s very heavy on exploration, so if you weren’t the type to try to scan everything you could in Subnautica, for instance, you probably won’t be as jazzed about Pacific Drive as I am. I’ll also warn you that, though there are a lot of little weird fiddly mechanics to deal with, don’t look up stuff like tips and tricks. You’ll almost certainly get frustrated later on, because oh man if only you had followed the guide, you would’ve done XYZ differently! And you didn’t know that a particular Anomaly will do a certain thing if you bump it or run into it or stack it with a specific car effect! But if you follow a guide, you don’t get that same sense of step-by-step discovery. The game is structured to be both somewhat murky and tough to navigate, but also to teach you how to use the tools at your disposal — literally, in the case of your car. Go in absolutely cold, and with the sense that you will lose some junk and ‘do it wrong,’ but that’s part of the experience.

I absolutely love it. It’s chaotic and weird and speaks to a deep sense of loneliness and loss — but I also know that I personally am chaotic and weird, so it naturally just vibes for me.


I have an Ask A Beta Tester question:
At this point in the Alpha, are you able to download account information to the Alpha to see how Rep and mogs are effected, or are you only allowed to use template characters?
I saw Kal’s article about Rep, etc., sharing coming to TWW, but wasn’t sure if this had been tested as a practice matter.

I’m not in the alpha (hopefully “yet” is the qualifier in play) but usually the way Blizzard alphas work is, at first, they hand you a template character — in past alphas, they’ve even restricted it to specific classes, to either iron out the kinks in a class they’re woodshedding, or because the other classes aren’t ready for prime time yet — and restrict you to a particular zone. Usually, you’ll have a series of template characters as they wipe servers for a clean slate through a few iterations on quest lines or zones.

Then, right around as they roll over for the beta, they’ll allow you to copy your data from live servers, which will include all the current account-wide stuff, like pets or transmogs. However, considering that a huge amount of this particular expansion will be smushing together your current account data into one Warband, it may take a bit longer to get all the fiddly bits in place — usually you copy your account data, and then opt to bring a character onto the beta servers, rather than having all your alts across your account zapped in immediately.


Q4TQ: What is happening with my valor points flightstones and crests tomorrow?

Well, as it turns out, I’m gonna have to pause The Queue for my kids’ sake. I’m sure you understand.

Not you, Roxxii. You stay right where you are.

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