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The QueueApr 25, 2024 11:59 am CT

The Queue: Krypto the Superdog


Superman would give the dog his cape in a heartbeat, and no amount of editing the images can change that. Superman and the mythos that surrounds him are among my favorite things, and of that entire complicated corpus of story, there is no element I love more than Krypto. Sure, a Kryptonian dog seems ridiculous, but at the end of the day, it’s all ridiculous, and there’s something beautiful about a person who always tries to do the right thing and help people being rewarded with a special friend who can understand him like no one else.

This is the Queue. Blame Red for all the Krypto pictures you’re about to see.

Krypto stranded in the Phantom Zone, still manages to be a good boy.


Q4tQ: Is it just me? I feel like S4 is just “do all the stuff you were doing before but in a more frenzied, time-limited way.” I was tired of the content already and now I’m supposed to do more of it every week. (Even more fun, I can’t just log on and do hunt/feast/siege quickly because the times overlap.) Yes, yes, I don’t HAVE to do it (and I may not). But it doesn’t feel like new content. It feels more like a desperate bid to keep us logging on. I logged on last night, saw the weekly, saw that none of them were available at that time, and logged off.

I haven’t played WoW in a couple of months until yesterday, when I logged in and played for a few hours. I felt overwhelmed, but not like it was frenzied and the big secret to all MMO’s is it’s all time limited, really — eventually new content will come and make all the stuff you worked for fairly unimportant as we level again and get new stuff.

Now, this isn’t me saying it’s just you — if I know anything I know that if there’s an opinion, it’s never just you. And I get that you can sometimes just want a nice, relaxed session where you don’t feel like you’re working on a list of chores. But I was around for some of those old time content lulls at the end of an expansion, and I think the Season 4 design is aimed at dealing with that issue. It’s not perfect, but it’s an attempt.


Q4tQ: After you’ve completed the Weekly for 5 tasks at the Feast, is there any use, gear-wise, to stick around for the end for the boss Bilquius? Don’t think I ever got real loot from him, just a rep token.

So, is there any fault in my plan to just move my alts there, then log through them during the Feast to complete the Weekly quickly?

His loot table does not impress me very much, so I’d say no.


Q4tQ: When it is lightly raining, do you say it is drizzling or sprinkling?

I’m here to ask the hard hitting questions today. :P

I say it’s raining. When it’s raining heavily I say it’s pouring, coming down buckets, or the manifest loathing of God for our evils. But when it’s lightly raining I just say that it’s raining. No idea why.

A good dog


We’re fast approaching the point where the only major QoL change left I can think of that doesn’t directly impact progression pacing is the ability to queue for a dungeon/raid on alts while playing another character

Personally, I want to be able to transmog without going to a transmog vendor or using my transmog mount, who I dearly love but still. Also it should be free. But I do like the idea of being able to queue for a dungeon on one character, switch to another, and then switch back when the dungeon pops. Not sure how feasible it is, but as a concept it’s pretty solid.


My car had a software update, and I was instructed to reboot it to allow the update to finish.

This is distinctly weird.

Welcome to the Cyberpunk dystopia, where people have to jailbreak their tractors in order to do maintenance on them and your car spies on you. It really feels like we’re transitioning into a future where you don’t actually own anything you spend money on, doesn’t it?

I say this as I listen to music I am essentially licensing from Apple because it’s easier than ripping my old CD’s to my computer.



*breaths a sigh of relief*

Now to wait until tonight when we do normal!

Congratulations and I hope you got it again on Normal.


Q4TQ: why are mats so cheap this expansion? Is it something to do with the new crafting system?

Real answer: I don’t know, but the region wide AH sounds reasonable as a culprit, as prices would equalize between servers that way.

More fun answer involving Batman:


I stop by one of my most favorite places in all of wow.

The fountain in Telredor. It’s so pretty and lovely and iconic and I want one and let me just enjoy it’s splendor WHAT IN THE HELL

Everything I thought was good and pure and worth saving in this terrible world is a lie.
I’m going to throw my computer into a volcano and walk into the sea.

I did an enhance on your image and I’m sorry, because I’m legally blind and I can see that those are indeed hooves, not feet.

Also, and I say this with love, but if you go around calling hooves ‘heefs’ I have to ask you who hurt you and why you have abandoned all that is good and pure in this world.

Even bad guys can learn to be better through Krypto’s support.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Krypto is a very good boy. I’m gonna go pet my dog now.

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