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The QueueApr 30, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Gimme pizza!

There are only a very few things in life which are just as exciting when you grow up as they were when you were a kid. One of those things is pizza night. In fact, I may be more excited now, because pizza night means I don’t have to really meal plan, or cook, or especially clean up, and everyone gets what they want with very minimal whining. It’s practically a vacation.

This is The Queue, our daily column where you ask us for P-I-Z-Z-A and we’ll give you the answers just as soon as it gets here.


Q4tQ: if you eat your pizza by folding the slice in half, is that just eating a calzone?

Absolutely not.

Glad to help!


Q4TQ: should Mages get a buff when doing the Mage Tower? I mean, it’s their tower

On the contrary, because it’s their tower, they should get a “shamed” debuff for having the tower be under siege in the first place, and not being able to take out all the waves of marauders with a single fireball or whatever it is Mages are up to these days.


Some crapola news: Christie Golden, our beloved writer, was laid off from Blizzard. My queuestion is do you think a letter writing campaign could help her get this job back? I want to do something for her!

I don’t think a letter writing campaign will help, because frankly, it seems like she doesn’t want to go back. And considering the circumstances, I can’t fault her for that, even a little bit.

The thing is, Christie is literally one of 1,900 employees to be let go in one fell swoop — she’s only making it public knowledge now, four months later, and in a very diplomatic, graceful way. She was a part of the layoff wave that saw an entire game in the middle stages of development spiked and that entire arm of the studio severed. She is just one of hundreds of talented, passionate people who was let go as a direct result of corporate goonery. They had just mandated a return-to-office policy, meaning that people who were telecommuting for four years and had moved to places where they could survive on the pittance Blizzard gave them had just re-uprooted their lives, had just signed leases, had just signed up their kids for daycare. Of course they didn’t care about Christie’s tenure or her real life circumstances — they didn’t care about anybody else’s either.

Someone with a resume and writing portfolio as stacked as Christie’s is definitely landing on her feet. Heck, her credits on the tertiary novels alone are the kind of career independent writers salivate over, myself included. Though I understand the outcry on her behalf, because it is absolutely egregious that they unceremoniously fired Christie-middle-name-m-fin-Golden for cryin out loud, I feel like we’d be better served in general by taking that and directing it outward, to the hundreds of people who are still trying to get their feet back under them. They treated people with the same callous disregard en masse, independent of whether they were a fresh-faced new-hire-first-fire or shaped the entire narrative of the IP for decades.

And if you’re about to be all, “that’s just how corpos work you naïve fool,” maybe that’s kind of the point.


So, the male Earthen dance is apparently Rasputin I’m assuming that’s Boney M’s version and not Dschingis Khan’s version

So what’s the female Earthen dance?

It’s a version of a Scottish Highland dance.

While the inspiration is obviously very different, given the races and the animations themselves, it feels like it’s just trying to be a better, smoother version of the OG Body 2 Dwarf dance. Maybe that’s just the bagpipes talking, though.

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