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Transmog > TV & Movies > WoWMay 2, 2024 10:00 am CT

Using May’s Trading Post offerings for a different kind of Monarch transmog

The Monarch

May’s new Trading Post treats us to a selection of springy floral items — such as the Sunny Floral Staff and the Sunny Bow-quet — all topping off with the delightful Wings of the Amber Monarch, and while these butterfly wings may be adorable to some, for others they inspire a very different feeling. Indeed, as soon as we saw them, we had to work out a transmog that allowed us to live out our villainous vision as The Monarch, from the NSFW Adult Swim show The Venture Bros.

Here are the pieces we chose to complete this transmog — we’re not holding them hostage!

How to Inspire Fear in your Minions

To start your journey to The Venture Bros. chief archvillain, you need the perfect lanky build with elongated eyebrows. Thankfully the High-elven based characters — Blood and Void — have that covered, as well as the pointy beard. A plate-based class worked best as they did offer the most options of gold clothing. For your helm, The Crown of the Righteous from Shadowlands jewel crafting, or The Crown of Bloody Succession from Normal Opulence.

The chest is the Conqueror’s Breastplate, the wrist’s are the Conqueror’s Vambraces, and the feet are the Conqueror’s Greaves.  All three of the Conqueror items can be found throughout The Burning Crusade and can easily be obtained on the Auction House. If you are Alliance, you also have access to 7th Legionnaire’s Armguards which make great wrists.  It is times like these I wish gold thigh-high boots were available to fully complete the look — maybe next year on the Trading Post.

For the pants, the Black Tuxedo Pants worked best with the Duelist’s Midnight Doublet or the Common Gray Shirt as the undershirt. For Gloves, I went with the Plunderlord’s Pilferers, but if you missed out on Plunderstorm, the Harvester’s Court Handwraps also look good

When it comes to shoulders, it was a toss up between hiding them and letting the Conqueror’s Breastplate handle it, or the Shattered Hand Epaulets. The Shattered Hand Breastplate will also work for the chest piece, but will require the associated shoulders.

All that’s left are the Wings of the Amber Monarch, obtained by completing the May 2024 Trading Post. With Children’s Week going on, it’s possible to complete the Post in a short matter of time.

A Villain needs Their Number Two, but…

After a few tries, it seems like Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is out of reach. You can get an approximate look with the Fireplume Halter and Fireplume Shorts and Stocking, as well as the same crown used for The Monarch. The Sand-Swept Soiree Gloves from the January 2024 Trading Post make the perfect gloves. The rest of the outfit unfortunately just does not exist. It’s possible we will see a split cape in the same color as the Sand-Swept Soiree gloves the next time they come around, as split capes are new as of February, but we are stuck once again without thigh-high boots.

With your Guild of Calamitous Intent approved transmog, you can go into ReMists and level up your Monarch to hunt down your own Rusty. Go Team Venture!

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