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The War Within > WoWMay 3, 2024 8:00 am CT

A guide to Azeroth’s newest continent: Khaz Algar, the setting of The War Within

Khaz Algar

World of Warcraft‘s Worldsoul Saga begins later this year with the upcoming expansion, The War Withinand it will take players to previously undiscovered Azerothian continent, Khaz Algar. The continent itself has both surface and subterranean zones that feature remarkably distinct ecosystems and are home to an entire population of Earthen, Humans from the Arathi Tribe, Nerubians, Kobolds, and plenty of other flora and fauna.

There’s undoubtedly more hidden on (and in) Khaz Algar that awaits discovery but here’s what we know so far about Khaz Algar so far in The War Within.

Where is Khaz Algar, and why are we going there?

Geographically, Khaz Algar is its own distinct continent located between the southeast coast of Kalimdor and western coast of Pandaria. It was first mentioned in an Observational Report found in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr where it was previously designated as Sector AR-938 by Watcher Melenia, presumably a titan-forged entity. The report focuses on the titan watchers efforts to track the “titan-forged subjects” that succumbed to the Curse of Flesh and later tracks a contingent of Earthen dispatched to Sector AR-938 to investigate a mysterious geological fissure. Over time the report noted the Earthen eventually developed their own behaviors and culture that mirrored the Dwarves.

Players arrive on Khaz Algar as part of The War Within’s opening quest after convening with their allies in Silithus and eventually Dalaran in response to hearing the “world song” of Azeroth. The exact details and sequence of events in the opening quest are unknown at this moment, even as players test the alpha and beta builds, but ultimately the players will pursue Xal’atath across (and under) Khaz Algar. Blizzard has stated this is intentional in order to preserve the players having a unified launch day experience.

At this point, you should be warned that are spoilers out there regarding the aftermath of the opening quest so just be careful where you look!

The inhabitants and zones of Khaz Algar

Khaz Algar is split into four different zones — the Isle of Dorn, The Ringing Deeps, Hallowfall, and Azj-Kahet. Players begin their adventure on the Isle of Dorn, the only surface zone, which features the Earthen capital city of Dornogal before descending into a large, subterranean tunnel called The Coreway that provides the opening to The Ringing Deeps and other subterranean zones of Hallowfall and Azj-Kahet. Even though each zone has its own inhabitants and unique ecosystem and aesthetic, they’re all connected by the threat of Xal’atath and the Nerubians.

Here’s what we know so far about the zones of Khaz Algar:

The Isle of Dorn

By the time of The War Within, the Earthen have split into three different factions: the Oathsworn, the Machine Speakers, and the Unbound. Before the factions split, it appeared the Earthen were governed by four equal leaders who each hold a distinct title — the Stormward, the Councilward, the Stoneward, and the High Speaker. The Oathsworn Earthen are Earthen led by Merrix the Councilward and Baelgrim the Stormward who follow the Titan edicts and await their return. They primarily occupy the capital city, Dornogal, which is the hub city players will operate out of for the expansion. They share the Isle of Dorn with the Unbound, Earthen led by Adelgonn the Stoneward, who have created their own society free of the Titans’ edicts and rules and live in villages throughout the Isle.Even though there is no outright hostility between the two factions, they primarily ignore each other. However, both seem to harbor strong feelings towards the other side for their respective stances on the Titans.

Throughout the Isle of Dorn, there are naturally occurring plants and animals but also titan-forged creations that roam the land.

The Ringing Deeps

Dornogal houses a large tunnel called The Coreway that connects the surface zone with The Ringing Deeps, a Titanic industrial zone inhabited the Machine Speakers, Earthen dedicated to maintaining the Titans’ work. While the Machine Speakers maintain the Titan mechanisms, they don’t actively follow the Titan edicts putting them at odds with both the Oathsworn and the Unbound. Not much is known about their current High Speaker, Eirich, but the Machine Speakers are faced with an existential threat of a dwindling population while fighting off escalating Kobold incursions.


Hallowfall is a large subterranean cavern connected to The Ringing Deeps occupied by a remnant group of Arathi humans. It’s implied they have marginal contact with the Machine Speakers or the surface-dwelling Earthen due to a large underground sea that surrounds the zone. The Arathi here are largely self-sufficient thanks to Beledar, the giant crystal sticking out of the caverns ceiling that provides the humans with a connection to the holy Light. Occasionally, Beledar darkens with tinges of Void essence, empowering the Nerubians and other deep-dwelling organisms.


In the furthest depths of Khaz Alagar is the Nerubian kingdom of Azj-Kahet, ruled over by Queen Ansurek from her seat in the City of Threads. Xal’atath and Ansurek have formed an alliance for an unknown endgame. What we do know is Xal’atath is harvesting the blood of Old Gods located at Azj-Kahet and in return for their support, she empowers Ansurek and the Nerubians are with powers of the Void. Not all of the Nerubians support this alliance, with a rebel faction called the Severed Threads actively opposing Ansurek and the Nerubians loyal to her.

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