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D&D > Podcast > Tavern WatchMay 6, 2024 4:00 pm CT

Tavern Watch Plays Pathfinder 02: How many buildings can one adventuring party destroy in a day?

The Tavern Watch crew continues its Pathfinder 2e game, based on the classic Rise of the Runelords adventure!

In our latest adventure, GM Matt Rossi watches in amusement (we assume it was amusement) as the party picks a fight with a squirrel and sets on the trail of who — or what — just attacked the town of Sandport. One of these is perhaps more important than the other, but we had to deal with the squirrel.

And that building thing? Definitely not our fault.

Here’s a quick summary of the merry band of misfits in the campaign:

    • New! Phil Ulrich joins the party playing Tarn Summerbloom, halfling investigator who makes his living taking on the cases that city constabularies won’t. He’s unassuming, observant, and determined to see justice done.
    • Anne Stickney playing Swift, a fast-talking rogue with a story for everything — and a talent for dazzling unsuspecting marks with her outlandish tales. She’s on the prowl for adventure… and a new set of stories for her arsenal.
    • Joe Perez playing Ogwish, a Grippli monk who has always longed to see the world at large, and has decided the best way to experience it is by adventuring and meeting as many people as he can.
    • Elizabeth Harper playing Varsha, a Ratfolk alchemist and tinker who’s always on the hunt for knowledge (and/or the funds to acquire it).
    • Nick Marino playing Shiro, a wise-cracking, daring gunslinger; he’s a bounty hunter by trade who ignores risk in pursuit of shiny reward.

Here’s where to find previous episodes of our Rise of the Runelords game:

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