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HearthstoneMay 14, 2024 10:00 am CT

How to use the Gigantify keyword in Hearthstone

The new Gigantify keyword will be added to Hearthstone on the upcoming miniset, Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions, going live later today. This keyword allows you to make use of some big, powerful cards that are costly but likely to have a tremendous impact in the game. Similar to how Miniaturize worked before it, this new keyword allows players to add extra copies of a card to their hand: when you play a card with Gigantify, you get a copy of that card that always costs eight mana and has 8/8 stats, but keeps any other effects the original card had.

These cards have effects that don’t amount to much when played on their original, lower cost and lower stat bodies — but get really amplified when attached to an 8/8 body. Just be mindful of the cost: for eight mana, not only are these Gigantic cards reserved to later stages of the game, they’re also taking up most of your mana on a given turn, meaning that they really have to make a splash.

So read on to find out which cards have Gigantify, and how to best make use of them! This is every Gigantify card in Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions.

Murloc Growfin

Grows up to 8x its size! Just add water!

Shaman, 1 Mana, 1/1 Rare Murloc

  • Gigantify. Battlecry: Summon a Tinyfin with Rush and stats equal to this minion’s.

For only one mana, Murloc Growfin immediately gives you two 1/1 Murlocs, and one of them (the summoned Molded Tinyfin) has Rush. This can let you clear some weak enemy minions in the early game and establish some minimal board presence — not the most exciting of effects, sure, but it could work in an aggressive deck aiming to take early control of the board.

Hold the Gigantic version in your hand, however, and play it when you get to eight mana: suddenly you’re summoning an 8/8 Murloc Growfin plus another 8/8 Molded Tinyfin with Rush. That’s usually enough for you to remove a pesky Taunt on your path and let your other minions attack with impunity. So this card might double up both as an early game control tool and as a late game finisher, making it one to watch out for.

Flickering Lightbot

These bots are sent out with nearly drained batteries, for dramatic effect.

Paladin, 3 Mana, 3/3 Rare Mech

  • Gigantify. Costs (1) less for each Holy spell you’ve cast this game.

This could be one of the most powerful of these cards with Gigantify. Flickering Lightbot gets discounted with each Holy spell you cast, meaning that even the 8/8 Gigantic version could end up costing zero!

Granted, it doesn’t do anything besides being a large body. But sometimes a large body is all you need — especially one you get to play for free. And the Mech tag means it could end up having other positive interactions. Keep an eye on this one.

Snuggle Teddy

Someone really put their heart into making this.

Druid, 3 Mana, 2/4 Common Beast

  • Gigantify. Elusive, Lifesteal, Taunt.

Snuggle Teddy might be the most boring of this entire batch of Gigantify cards, but it could end up being solid anyway. Playing a small 2/4 Beast with Elusive, Lifesteal, and Taunt means that it’ll likely protect your board for at least a hit, and give you some Health in return: the combination of Elusive with Taunt means that it’ll probably be removed by direct minion attacks rather than spells (though it’s not a guarantee).

However, the 8/8 version will certainly be far more effective for you. There aren’t a lot of effects in the game that are capable of clearing a minion with eight health without directly targeting it, so chances that it’ll require enemy minions to actually hit it are much higher. And each of those hits heals you for eight health too. Play it at an opportune time and this card could single-handedly save you from a dire situation.

Toysnatching Geist

So THAT’S how the Geist stole Winterveil!

Death Knight (1 Unholy Rune), 3 Mana, 2/1 Common Undead

  • Gigantify. Battlecry: Discover an Undead. Reduce its Cost by this minion’s Attack.

Toysnatching Geist is a pretty exciting card. Discovering is usually a strong effect, and discovering an Undead in a class like Death Knight usually nets great results. But this card does even more than that, since it also gives the discovered minion a discount equivalent to its Attack value.

The original Geist will be a weak tempo play, since it’ll only add 2/1 stats to your board for the cost of 3 mana — but the value you’ll get from it (Discovering an Undead and having it cost two less) is pretty good. By itself, that might be a worthwhile inclusion to your deck. However, the Gigantic version will let you Discover another Undead and discount it by eight whole mana, meaning that you’ll likely get to play it for free, or for very cheap. It’s a powerful effect for sure under the right circumstances: this card has potential.

The Replicator-inator

Dr. Boom is the greatest inventor in the Tri-Zone area!

Neutral, 5 Mana, 5/5 Legendary Mech

  • Miniaturize, Gigantify. After you play a minion with the same Attack as this, summon a copy of it.

The Replicator-inator is the only card in the game so far featuring both the Miniaturize and Gigantify keywords, meaning that it’ll create two extra versions of itself when played — the one mana, 1/1 Mini version and the eight mana, 8/8 Gigantic version. So make sure you have room for two extra cards in your hand!

Its effect will be heavily skewed towards deck building: you probably only want to play this card if you’re planning to copy specific minions — whether they cost one, five, or eight mana — with a certain goal in mind. For the time being, it’s hard to properly evaluate how powerful this card will be: it’ll depend on smart players finding those powerful copying interactions. But we can say that having both a Mini and a Gigantic copies sprouting from the same card is a unique enough effect, at least.

These are all the cards with Gigantify being added to the game for the time being. Which one is your favorite? Which one do you think will be the most impactful? We should find out over the next few days, starting pretty soon: Dr. Boom’s Incredible Inventions releases on May 14.

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