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The QueueMay 20, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Wait, am I supposed to be here today?

Once upon a time, a horse walked into a bar and asked the bartender for a drink, as one does. Well, not horses usually, but just go with me. Anyway, this horse asks this bartender for a drink which is a normal occurrence because the bartender asks the horse, “Say you’re in here kind of a lot buddy, do you think that you might be an alcoholic?” This question gives the horse a ibt of a pause before it responds “Gee, I don’t think I am…” When suddenly — poof!! The horse vanishes from existence.

You see, this is a play on the famous line of philosophical thinking by Rene Descartes that “I think, therefore I am” The horse said I don’t think I am and thus must not have been. However, if I explained this to you earlier it would’ve been putting Descartes before the horse.

This is all a long and roundabout way of saying, I’m pretty sure I am — let’s Queue!


Battlenet promoting Cataclysm is fine, I mostly ignore it. But today they put Told Barad in ad rotation, which made me sad. So much potential! And it was just a totally broken battleground that they didn’t fix. I really wish they’d put some time and effort into it and make it a proper battleground.

Tol Barad was fine but I didn’t go super hard on the PVP battle. I’d join occasionally and have some fun trying to make those vehicles actually do anything. However, it was the sight of my all-time favorite unintended spell interaction.

Back in Cataclysm, a guild could get access to a little spell called “Have Group Will Travel.” Which we all remember as the best spell ever, and certainly one that deserves to come back, but that’s beside the point. See the Battleground mechanic of Tol Barad involved controlling three points around the map and once you had all three controlled, you won. It’s the standard point-holding mechanic that we’ve seen in other places where the more players in the area for your faction, the flag will gradually cap. More players = faster capping.

So what could happen is that the Horde could control two points, and have one person sneak into the third point and use their “Have Group, Will Travel” and bam! All of a sudden the entire raid is present to cap the third and final point. This usually got a victory in short order and was always hilarious.

I’m sure there are fixes that could’ve been implemented to prevent this, but sadly, Blizzard opted instead to just remove the spell entirely. I still miss it, as someone who’s only barely played a Warlock — it was always nice to be able to contribute and bring my group to the dungeon!


I have survived 24 hours without internet. We had a crazy storm Thursday night that apparently included a tornado touching down in my neck of the woods (and that is very rare for us, although not unheard of).

On the bright side I finished a book. Honestly having power but not internet was like a mini vacation. But I was itching to play remix the whole time, lol.

Wait, you just survived a day without the Internet!? I’ve heard tales of people who could do that but it’s been so long since I have, I didn’t even know it was possible anymore!

I’m glad that the Tornado didn’t come near you, we had a Tornado warning or two in Alberta just this past week and those are always scary things. Edmonton had one tear through its north end the year I was born and the trail of devastation was pretty wild. It’s one thing to see your little SimCity lose some power plants, it’s another to see the actual pictures!

I’ve mostly been reading books lately through the Libby library app on my phone, but I’m pretty sure those need at least a little internet to work, so I might’ve had to resort to reading an actual paper book! It’s also been a long time since I did that, but I do have some really quality ones on the top of my reading pile from an excellent and amazing local author that I need to start…


Hey Cory, how has your experience been so far in the new season of Diablo 4?

Thanks for asking Cory! You’re certainly a handsome and wise individual to contribute a question for the Queue this weekend!

I’ve been playing the new season! Thankfully I can even play it mostly from the start so I don’t have to squeeze in a whole season to the final month. I’m also going a lot faster this time around since I finally have the horse from the beginning and I’ve skipped the campaign. Maybe for Season 5 I’ll do it again, but I just wanted to jump into the new Hellrifts and I just did it two months ago!

I’m loving the new tempering system for giving me some more flexibility on my gear in a way that actually matters. I’ve been doing a Whirlwind Barbarian and have rolled extra Whirlwind radius on all of my weapons, which means that I’m a deadly beyblade that takes up a good portion of the middle of my screen with doom.

I’ve had to try and remember to be ruthless and replace gear a lot faster than I would normally since the leveling cadence feels a lot faster than it did last season. It took me basically two good play sessions to get into World Tier 3 at level 48. Which is both a blessing and a curse, I’ve had almost no time to figure out skills along the way, but I have all of the rest of the season to figure that out!

What I am a little annoyed about is that I accidentally rolled most of my defensive abilities off of my gear and wouldn’t you know it that makes it a little easier for monsters to kill me! It hasn’t been too bad, but the new Blood Maiden bosses in the Hellrifts have been… problematic. I’ve given up on them while I push a little further and get better gear.

I do wish that there was a little Iron Wolf buddy hanging out with me this season like my robo-pal from last season. It seems weird that we didn’t get one! There are so many hanging out in Hellrifts, why can’t we just adopt one and bring it along with us as such a good friend to the rest of the Iron Wolves?!


Question for Blizzard Watch Podcast – What if they made a DIablo game but as a FPS, like Cyberpunk 2077 or Starfield. What would it look like, and what type of things would you like to see in it? Also, would the gore factor go up or down? And how would you avoid the Doom FPS comparisons?

I think that you can’t avoid the comparisons to DOOM. You’re eviscerating demons left and right and healing yourself by doing it! Even if you limited it to just ranged classes like Sorceror or Demon Hunter you’d still have a first-person view of outrageous demon slaughter! That’s not going to look that much different no matter what you do.

I think that it would also be really good to not have any playable Barbarians. I imagine that pushing the whirlwind button would be closely followed by reaching for an anti-nausea drug. Leap would be fun though!

Today’s Bacardi had to be caught and held in order to keep still. He’s a pretty big Oilers fan and they’re going to be playing for their tournament lives tonight in Vancouver. If they win they go on to face Dallas for the Western Conference Title and eventual chance at the Stanley Cup (not the ones that got really popular for drinking water out of recently). If they lose the whole city will get a little bummed out for a while.

So you’re really gambling on your booping luck, if you boop now he’s in an ok mood, but after the game, he could be really happy or really sad!

It could go either way!!

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Burning

Go Oilers Go!

Make sure to Leave Anna lots of questions too, and be the heroes this Queue needs and deserves.

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