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Discussion > WoWMay 20, 2024 8:00 am CT

Where in the Dragon Isles would you live?

A screenshot of three house-sized buildings in Valdrakken in the Dragon Isles.

It’s ten years from now. (Or thirty, or a hundred, or … how long do elves live these days, anyway?) Azeroth has somehow managed to stay saved and intact, and you’re finally retiring. Due to your extensive service to the dragonflights, you’ve been given a land grant and funding to build the dream home of your choice anywhere in the Dragon Isles. Now to find a suitable homestead. Where would you choose to live?

Amirdrassil might be the obvious choice for many, as the new gathering place of the Kal’dorei. Many druids will find its Dream-touched woods appealing, though Horde characters might get tired of being watched all the time, so perhaps the Emerald Gardens on the other side of the bay would fit the bill a little better.

For a socialite, Valdrakken might be more your speed, with its fine dining and quick access to the dragonflights’ upper crust — or if you’re of a more scholarly bent, then how about seeking a residence at Algeth’ar Academy? There shouldn’t be any out of control experiments you can’t handle at this point, and with your clout you can surely talk the blue dragonflight into letting you set up a satellite campus in the Azure Archives.

Speaking of Azure, there’s gotta be some good skiing in the snow-covered Azure Span. By now some intrepid goblin has no doubt capitalized on the sweet, sweet powder up among the glaciers, possibly near Vak’thros where the Primalists have stirred up all that geothermal activity for some bonus hot springs. (And if they haven’t, well then there’s less competition for your own enterprise, now isn’t there!)

Or perhaps you’re all about that nomad life. Maybe all you need to be happy is a warm tent, a sturdy Plainswalker to haul your gear, and the company of your hunting companions. The Ohn’ahran Plains has game enough and to spare for you, the centaurs, and that new Tauren colony by the river. If you need a little more excitement in your life, there’s always the rugged wilds of the Waking Shores or the depths of Zaralek to explore. Who knows, maybe they’ll even have a new Dracthyr colony established in the not-so-Forbidden Reach by then.

So how about it? Where would you (or your World of Warcraft main, or both!) pick to settle down in the Dragon Isles?

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