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Transmog > WoW > WoW RemixMay 22, 2024 8:00 am CT

It isn’t the Cloak of Infinite Potential — it’s the Cloak of Infinite Transmog

The Cloak of Infinite Potential is a key fixture in the current World of Warcraft Remix event, that’s made apparent to you as soon you spawn in on the Timeless Isle. It grows in power as you play and collect threads, keeping pace with your character and providing them with a wide variety of stats to make leveling your Timerunner easier. What’s not as immediately apparent, though, is that that cloak is also a wide and varied source of transmog options. It doesn’t just have one look to it. It has loads of them, with more unlocked as you play.

Your cloak’s thread count doesn’t just affect its power, it also affects how it looks. You may have noticed from time to time that when you gain a new thread, you’ll also sometimes see the chat message, “Your [Cloak of Infinite Potential] has changed to [Cloak of Infinite Potential]”. It’s a little confusing at first, because that’s normally what you see when you upgrade a piece of gear with crests or the like, which might make sense for the stat change except that it doesn’t happen for every thread you acquire. It turns out that message means you’ve acquired a new appearance for your cloak, and that it’s switched to the new one automatically. While it’s not clear whether you acquire every cloak appearance from Mists of Pandaria this way, you sure do get a lot of them. At the time of this writing, I’ve gathered over forty appearances for my Cloak of Infinite Potential, and I’m only about halfway through my leveling journey!

Cloak appearances aren’t the only thing you get for collecting threads, though. The top-level thread collection achievement also awards a quartet of toys: the Essence of Yu’lon, the Fortitude of Niuzao, the Fury of Xuen, and the Kindness of Chi-ji. These toys, when used, replicate the cosmetic effects of the original, corresponding legendary cloaks from the original Mists of Pandaria expansion for a whopping eight hours. Given that the original cloaks are no longer obtainable in-game, this is a great way to extend those rad wing effects to players who didn’t get them the first time they were available.

Of course, it takes a whopping 4200 threads to unlock this achievement, but with the rate that they drop that shouldn’t be too much of an issue since you’re probably farming Bronze already anyway, right? Now go, collect some threads, for the glory of transmog!

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