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The War Within > WoWMay 22, 2024 4:00 pm CT

Every gem available in World of Warcraft: The War Within

The War Within expansion includes a brand new selection of gems for our gear, much along the lines of the gems we’ve seen in recent expansions. One of the neat features of the Earthen Allied Race is that you’re able to customize your appearance to include gems embedded in your skin, but unfortunately, you can’t use those gems for your gear (and I don’t advise trying to remove one from a sleeping Earthen) — so we’ll all still be relying on the Jewelcrafting profession in The War Within. Gems for your gear will be similar to Dragonflight, with three tiers of quality, gems comprised of two stats, and Algari Diamonds replacing Illimited Diamonds as a unique epic gem option — although there is a new quirk for them.

New to The War Within will be the Magnificent Jeweler’s Socket which can be applied twice to amulets and rings for a total of six additional gem slots. PVP players will have the Vicious Jeweler’s Socket available for purchase which can also be applied to amulets, rings, helms, belt, and bracers — although it can only be applied to PVP gear, so PVE players won’t need to worry about acquiring these.

Currently there are no uncommon gems with fewer stats in the game, but it is unknown whether that is a permanent change or not yet implemented. As The War Within is still in alpha, we could still see changes to what’s available.

The five base gems in TWW are:

  • Amber: Stamina + second stat
  • Emerald: Haste + second stat
  • Onyx: Mastery + second stat
  • Ruby: Critical Strike + second stat
  • Sapphire: Versatility + second stat

The prefix determines the second stat:

  • Deadly: Critical Strike
  • Masterful: Mastery
  • Quick: Haste
  • Versatile: Versatility
  • Solid: Stamina (only available on Amber to provide double Stamina)

Therefore a Masterful Amber will provide Mastery and Stamina, while a Versatile Sapphire will provide just Versatility. The second stat is lower than the base gem stat, so a Quick Ruby would have more Critical Strike than Haste, while a Deadly Emerald has more Haste than Critical Strike. As a result the list below groups them by their base gem rather than prefix. It’s also important to note that gems with “double stats” such as the Versatile Sapphire provide fewer total stats than a mixed stat gem.

All gems in The War Within (so far)

As the data in this guide is based upon current values in The War Within beta there is a possibility the listed stats aren’t current. Links are provided to the Wowhead beta database which should contain the correct values in the case of discrepancies.

The unique-equipped Algarian Gems provide a primary stat and a secondary effect. While the primary stat adjusts based on the quality of the gem, the secondary is based on the number of different colored gems you have equipped (up to 5), which will encourage players to diversify their gem choices rather than stack the same one in every socket.

Cubic Blasphemia: +Primary Stat and +20% perceived fame and fortune per unique socketed gem color

Culminating Blasphemite: +Primary Stat and +1% critical effect per unique socketed gem color

Elusive Blasphemite: +Primary Stat and +2% movement speed per unique socketed gem color

Insightful Blasphemite: +Primary Stat and +1% maximum mana per unique socketed gem color

PVP Players will also have access to three Bloodstone gems that are unique-equipped like the Blasphemite gems but only available in one quality and not impacted by other socketed gems. The options are:

Amber Gems (Stamina)

  • Deadly Amber: Stamina and Critical Strike
    • Tier 1: +100 Stamina and +82 Critical Strike
    • Tier 2: +145 Stamina and +104 Critical Strike
    • Tier 3: +190 Stamina and +127 Critical Strike
  • Masterful Amber: Stamina and Mastery
    • Tier 1: +100 Stamina and +82 Mastery
    • Tier 2: +145 Stamina and +104 Mastery
    • Tier 3: +190 Stamina and +127 Mastery
  • Quick Amber: Stamina and Haste
    • Tier 1: +100 Stamina and +82 Haste
    • Tier 2: +145 Stamina and +104 Haste
    • Tier 3: +190 Stamina and +127 Haste
  • Versatile Amber: Stamina and Versatility
    • Tier 1: +100 Stamina and +82 Versatility
    • Tier 2: +145 Stamina and +104 Versatility
    • Tier 3: +190 Stamina and +127 Versatility
  • Solid Amber: Stamina

Emerald Gems (Haste)

  • Deadly Emerald: Haste and Critical Strike
    • Tier 1: +100 Haste and +82 Critical Strike
    • Tier 2: +145 Haste and +104 Critical Strike
    • Tier 3: +190 Haste and +127 Critical Strike
  • Masterful Emerald: Haste and Mastery
    • Tier 1: +100 Haste and +82 Mastery
    • Tier 2: +145 Haste and +104 Mastery
    • Tier 3: +190 Haste and +127 Mastery
  • Quick Emerald: Haste
  • Versatile Emerald: Haste and Versatility
    • Tier 1: +100 Haste and +82 Versatility
    • Tier 2: +145 Haste and +104 Versatility
    • Tier 3: +190 Haste and +127 Versatility

Onyx Gems (Mastery)

  • Deadly Onyx: Mastery and Critical Strike
    • Tier 1: +100 Mastery and +82 Critical Strike
    • Tier 2: +145 Mastery and +104 Critical Strike
    • Tier 3: +190 Mastery and +127 Critical Strike
  • Masterful Onyx: Mastery
  • Quick Onyx: Mastery and Haste
    • Tier 1: +100 Mastery and +82 Haste
    • Tier 2: +145 Mastery and +104 Haste
    • Tier 3: +190 Mastery and +127 Haste
  • Versatile Onyx: Mastery and Versatility
    • Tier 1: +100 Mastery and +82 Versatility
    • Tier 2: +145 Mastery and +104 Versatility
    • Tier 3: +190 Mastery and +127 Versatility

Ruby Gems (Critical Strike)

  • Deadly Ruby: Critical Strike
  • Masterful Ruby: Critical Strike and Mastery
    • Tier 1: +100 Critical Strike and +82 Mastery
    • Tier 2: +145 Critical Strike and +104 Mastery
    • Tier 3: +190 Critical Strike and +127 Mastery
  • Quick Ruby: Critical Strike and Haste
    • Tier 1: +100 Critical Strike and +82 Haste
    • Tier 2: +145 Critical Strike and +104 Haste
    • Tier 3: +190 Critical Strike and +127 Haste
  • Versatile Ruby: Critical Strike and Versatility
    • Tier 1: +100 Critical Strike and +82 Versatility
    • Tier 2: +145 Critical Strike and +104 Versatility
    • Tier 3: +190 Critical Strike and +127 Versatility

Sapphire Gems (Versatility)

  • Deadly Sapphire: Versatility and Critical Strike
    • Tier 1: +100 Versatility and +82 Critical Strike
    • Tier 2: +145 Versatility and +104 Critical Strike
    • Tier 3: +190 Versatility and +127 Critical Strike
  • Masterful Sapphire: Versatility and Mastery
    • Tier 1: +100 Versatility and +82 Mastery
    • Tier 2: +145 Versatility and +104 Mastery
    • Tier 3: +190 Versatility and +127 Mastery
  • Quick Sapphire: Versatility and Haste
    • Tier 1: +100 Versatility and +82 Haste
    • Tier 2: +145 Versatility and +104 Haste
    • Tier 3: +190 Versatility and +127 Haste
  • Versatile Sapphire: Versatile

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