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WoW RemixMay 24, 2024 3:30 pm CT

How to unlock jewelry and trinket slots in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria — now accountwide!

As you level through WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria you may notice something odd: you’re not getting any rings or amulets or trinkets from your caches. For ReMists these slots are filled with rewards from achievements, not drops, so in order to get them you’ll need to complete some activities.

The pieces themselves are very basic: they have no stats on them naturally. Instead, they each have three prismatic gem slots giving you a total of 15 additional gem slots with which to buff your character. For those worried about their total ilevel, they do have an ilevel that scales with your level and is set to i342 at level 70 — although since they are natively statless the scaling has no impact.

After a hotfix on May 24, these achievements unlock accountwide. Alts can visit Lidamorrutu at any Infinite Dragon encampment and purchase unlocked pieces for 10 Bronze.

Achievements required to unlock trinkets and jewelry

Timerunner’s Beacon (Trinket) — Complete the achievement Escalation

The Timerunner’s Beacon trinket is the first of the five pieces you can get, and it’s done by completing three of the main campaign scenarios and/or the Siege of Orgrimmar on LFR or higher difficulty. While Theramore’s Fall is available to be run immediately at level 10, the remaining scenarios can’t be queued for until level 40, and Siege of Orgrimmar is unavailable until level 60. Because the scenario requirements can be completed while working towards the Timerunner’s Ring (see next entry), if you’re looking to be efficient you don’t need to worry about this achievement as you’ll earn it in the course of finishing the Heroic Pandaria Scenarios.

Timerunner’s Ring (Ring) — Complete the achievement Heroic: Pandaria Scenarios

Earning the Timerunner’s Ring requires the completion of six scenarios on Heroic difficulty. A Brewing Storm is available at level 10, but as Heroic Scenarios have a little difficulty in them you should probably wait until you’ve geared up some first — and since all but one of the remaining scenarios can’t be started until level 40 there’s no rush to get started until you have sufficient equipment. While working towards this achievement you’ll earn the Timerunner’s Beacon too if you hadn’t already gotten it.

Timerunner’s Seal (Ring) — Complete the achievement Heroic: Pandaria Dungeons

The Timerunner’s Seal is rewarded for completing all nine Pandaria dungeons on Heroic difficulty. While straightforward, the wonkiness of ReMists scaling can result in some difficulty in Heroic dungeons, so be prepared to spend time working towards the achievement — you probably won’t be able to complete it quickly. One advantage is that the dungeons unlock over the course of leveling with the final two (Mogu’shan Palace and Gate of the Setting Sun) available at level 40 so you can work on the achievement continuously.

Timerunner’s Amulet (Neck) — Complete the achievement Pandaria Raids

There are five raids in Pandaria and after fully completing each of them you’ll get the Timerunner’s Amulet. The raids unlock over the course of leveling, starting with Mogu’shan Vaults at level 25 and finishing with Siege of Orgrimmar at level 60. So while you can start work on the achievement relatively early it can’t be completed until level 60 at the soonest. It is important to note that it is the Normal version of the raids that have to be done — LFR doesn’t count for this achievement — so you’ll want to get a team together to tackle or search groupfinder for relevant teams. On the plus side the raids should get easier over time as gear increases and scaling issues are hotfixed so if you’re struggling to complete them now you may have more luck in the future.

Timerunner’s Icon (Trinket) — Complete the achievement Timerunner

Timerunner’s Icon is the easiest of the five to earn (even if it ends up being the last one you get), as all you need to do is reach level 70 and it’s yours.

Article originally published May 21. Updated May 24.

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