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The QueueMay 29, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: People die and Whitemane laughs

It’s a good quality for any Death Knight candidate to have, really. I get why Bolvar saw it in her!


Q4tRed: I saw in the patch notes that Lil Rag is back in the HSBGs Tavern. So where is he, Red? Where is he??????

Hanging out with his Rat Pack.

No, seriously:

Originally Posted by GnomeSayin (Official Post)

[Added 5/23] [Battlegrounds] Rat Pack and Lil’ Rag were not added to the minion pool with Patch 29.4.2 as intended. The team is investigating options.

So yeah, it’s a known issue that those two minions were announced to return to the game in the patch notes, but didn’t. Still, it’s good to know that they have top men fixing it. Top. Men.


When our Remix toons join the Main Universe, what do you think will happen to our meta, cogwheel, and tinker gems?

I think they’ll just vanish into thin air.

The truth is that when the event ends, those characters will be essentially deleted and replaced with copies that work on the regular servers. And once they do, it’s likely that they’ll go through a process similar to what happens when you boost a character, or get a gear upgrade: they get brand-new “starting” gear, and have their old stuff mailed to them.

So perhaps we’ll find that those gems have been converted into grey items that we can vendor. Or perhaps they’ll just be gone, and we’ll think back fondly on the memories of how fun and overpowered they were, and long for what could have been — but never was.

Now I’ve made myself sad. Thanks, Yarmet.


Q4tQ The 29th is Erica Lindbeck’s birthday. What is your favorite role of hers?

She’s played so many characters that I love. If we were talking just about the characters themselves, my top 3 would include Futaba from Persona 5, Jessie from Final Fantasy 7, and Shionne from Tales of Arise.

But there are two other roles that I think she does a tremendous job with her voice acting, so I’m picking them for the work itself — not necessarily for how much I like the characters. There’s the mega-energetic Zoe talking to every other hero in Legends of Runeterra… and my favorite, this absolutely wonderful collection of laughs from Sally Whitemane in Heroes of the Storm.


What do you would like as a pre expansion event for an expansion?

Shadowlands did some things wrong, but it also did a lot of things right — and sometimes it’s easy to forget it, since the expansion has gotten such a bad rep. One of the things it did right was its pre-expansion event, where we all went to Icecrown to fight a bunch of rare bosses that spawned all over the zone. They gave us a lot of good rewards, from gear (and transmog) to the 34-slot Papa’s Mint Condition Bag, which a lot of people farmed on multiple characters.

Legion had a really good one as well. There were those Legion Invasions all over the world which rewarded players with some really neat catch-up gear (and transmog!) and made for some ridiculously fast alt leveling.

Either of those models would be perfect for me. Or, perhaps, we could get the ultimate event: something that combined them both.

I just hope we don’t get anything like the Primalist Invasions from Dragonflight. That one had some good rewards, but it was grindy and boring.


The trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth said it was PlayStation exclusive until May 29, 2024. Do you think we’ll get an announcement of a PC release for the game soon?

Summer Game Fest is next week. I’m just saying.

Failing that, we’ve got Gamescom in August, and the Tokyo Game Show in September. So chances of an announcement at some point this year — especially with the recent news that Square Enix wants to end their exclusivity deals — are, honestly, high, I’d say.


q4tq: do you plan on changing your main race and/or class for The War Within?

Not this time. I’m very satisfied with my Void Elf Monk. And most of the changes that the class is getting are positive thus far.

…with the exceptions of the removal of Skyreach from Windwalker and Essence Font from Mistweaver. Those two changes suck.

But I’m still willing to overlook them because at least the class is getting some cool new stuff to offset those losses.

(Unlike Demonology Warlocks, who are losing the very soul of their spec with the Demonic Core changes: their mobility is being gutted, making absolutely no one but the Warlock designers happy.)


If Nelfs are laffy taffy, would that make belfs orange slices?

Nelfs are Grape Fanta. Belfs are Orange Crush.

This has been the Queue. You know what would be very cash money of you? Asking lots of questions! Take care.

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