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Warcraft RumbleMay 29, 2024 2:00 pm CT

Everything coming to Warcraft Rumble Season 6, live now!

Warcraft Rumble Season 6 is officially live, and it’s brought with it the biggest content update since the game’s launch back in November 2023. Namely, Season 6 of Rumble brings a new “Stormwind Siege” co-op adventure, the arrival of the Molten Core raid, and the premiere of — that’s right — Valor!

Of course, there’s even more in store for players in Rumble’s latest update — below, we have a quick rundown of everything arriving in Warcraft Rumble Season 6.

Valor Points come to Rumble as a way to further upgrade Army Slots

While Valor Points in Rumble are technically a reward from both of the new co-op experiences, they’re worth their own section because, I mean, Valor. It’s the currency that keeps coming back. In this case, Valor Points are rewarded for defeating the various co-op bosses in both Sieges and Raids. They can be used to upgrade Army Slots from Gold to Diamond, which will grant any Mini in that slot an additional levels (for a total of +4 from Army Slot upgrades alone).

Wildcard and Boost Slots add more flexibility to Rumble armies

Also worth their own mention are Wildcard Slots, which are rewarded for completing Stormwind Siege, and Boost Slots, which come from Molten Core Wing 1.

Wildcard Slots change the third (top-right) Army Slot to allow it to benefit from any Mini type. This is great in allowing flexibility in a slot that’s otherwise limited to one trait type. Boost Slots, meanwhile, will increase the base XP of any Mini placed there to level 20 (i.e., the XP cap).

The Stormwind Siege brings Rumble’s first co-op adventure

For the first week of Season 6 (May 29 11:00 a.m. PT – June 5 10:59 a.m. PT), Stormwind Siege will be available to players. This is the first co-op experience to come to Warcraft Rumble and will pit you and one guildmate against three different well-known faces from Stormwind. General Marcus Jonathan rewards 200 Valor, Innkeeper Allison rewards a Mega Leader Tome, and Highlord Bolvar Fordragon rewards the aforementioned Wildcard Slot.

Stormwind Siege requires 90 Sigils to enter and encounters range from level 17 to level 20. Players above level 22 will be scaled down to level 22.

The Molten Core Raid has finally arrived in Rumble

As soon as Stormwind Siege leaves, Molten Core enters. From June 5 at 11:00 a.m. PT – June 12 at 10:59 a.m. PT, players will be able to team up with a guildmate and take on a total of seven encounters from the iconic World of Warcraft raid. There are three wings and a final boss fight in Molten Core, each with its own level range:

  • Wing 1 (level 22 – 24): Lucifron, Magmadar
  • Wing 2 (level 24 – 26): Garr, Gehennas & Shazzrah (combo encounter)
  • Wing 3 (level 26 – 28): Baron Geddon, Golemagg
  • Final Encounter (level 28 – 30): Ragnaros

Each encounter in Wings 1-3 will reward 100 Valor (for a total of 200 per Wing), while Ragnaros rewards a new mini — himself! — as a unique Leader. Like Stormwind Siege, the Molten Core raid requires 90 Sigils to enter.

Note that Sieges and Raids will not always be available. Starting June 19, the typical rotation will be Siege Week –> Off Week –> Raid Week –> Off Week –> repeat. Siege and Raid rewards can only be obtained once per cycle.

A new Mini and emotes round things out

Expanding the Cenarion family ahead of Season 7, Blizzard is introducing a new Mini, Earth and Moon, to Rumble in Season 6. This synergizes well with Cenarion Minis, which… only applies to the Faerie Dragon at the moment. All the same, it has three unique effects that it rotates through every time a Cenarion Mini is played.

And, finally, it wouldn’t be a new season without new emotes. The Orc Grunt emote is available via the Guild War Chest, while the Banana Mini Gun emote can be earned via PVP.

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