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WoWJun 5, 2024 2:00 pm CT

Awakened raids will keep rotating (and that’s good news for transmog farmers)

Earlier today, Blizzard put out a news post stating that the Awakened rotation of raids for Season 4 of Dragonflight would continue for the remainder of patch 10.2.7, rather than convert to an all-Awakened roster this week as earlier predicted. They also clarified that the conversion to all Awakened raids is still on the roadmap, just for later. Specifically, we’ll see all Dragonflight raids become Awakened at the start of the pre-patch for The War Within.

Originally Posted by Kaivax (Official Post)
We’ve double-checked the schedule and can confirm that the one-raid-per-week rotation is intended to continue for the rest of patch 10.2.7.

Starting with the launch of The War Within pre-expansion patch, all three raids will be Awakened at the same time.

While it does mean that your raid team will have to wait longer for another shot at Awakened Sarkareth or Fyrakk if you’re still lacking a legendary fist weapon or axe, this is good news for transmog farmers. With the Awakened rotation continuing, you can keep runnning lower-power raids for class set gear, or for equivalent item-level gear that you can run through the Revival Catalyst to become class set gear. This also means that your raid group can potentially down more difficulties of encounter for access to more recolors of gear. You could even try soloing them if you’re braver than I am — non-Awakened Raszageth was recently solo-killed by a hunter, after all. That said, I don’t recommend it unless you’re really serious about the challenge. Bring some friends, you’ll have more fun.

While welcomed by our fashion overlords, this turn of events is a bit of a surprise. The precedent set by Fated raids in Shadowlands Season 4 suggested that after two full rotations through the raid roster, or six weeks, all Dragonflight raids would become Awakened, permanently increasing their difficulty and reward levels. For lack of any indication to the contrary from Blizzard, everyone just assumed that Dragonflight would work the same way, at least until now.

Personally, I think this is fine; the rotation helps keep the boosted old raids fresh for a longer period of time, giving us enjoyable content for the remainder of the expansion. And did I mention the transmog opportunities?

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