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WoWApr 23, 2024 3:00 pm CT

Dragonflight Season 4 brings rotating raids, new old dungeons, and Awakened loot — now live!

Dragonflight Season 4 is now live, and it includes the new Awakened raid system, big changes to dungeons, and upgraded loot for everybody. Plus, in a welcome change, there will be upgrade available for Dragonflight legendaries Nasz’uro and Fyr’alath, which will be exciting to anyone hoping to take them for a season-long spin.

Here’s what you need to know about the expansion’s final season.

Dragonflight Season 4 dungeons

Significant changes are coming to dungeon difficulty in Season 4: Blizzard intends for Heroic and Mythic zero dungeons to be a more meaningful, and both will be more difficult. Heroic dungeons will be about as difficult as Mythic zero was were previously (though without any affixes to contend with), while Mythic zero dungeons will be about as difficult as Mythic 8-10 was previously (though without the timer or as many affixes). Gear will be upgraded accordingly, so you may find Heroics and low-level Mythics worth running again.

The Mythic+ dungeon pool for Season 4 is made up of the original eight Dragonflight dungeons; Dawn of the Infinite is notably not included, but is still being boosted by the overall boost in difficulty and reward for Mythic dungeons.

Season 4 Mythic+ dungeons: 

  • Algeth’ar Academy
  • Brackenhide Hollow
  • Halls of Infusion
  • Neltharus
  • Ruby Life Pools
  • The Azure Vault
  • The Nokhud Offensive
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Blizzard isn’t just throwing the dungeons back out in the state you remember them, however; they’re receiving massive tuning changes. These changes are especially welcome in dungeons like Halls of Infusion, which is finally getting a mid-dungeon checkpoint should you die after the giant frog boss, or Azure Vaults, which needed to account for the removal of an oft-used skip that enabled players to avoid almost the entire last leg of the dungeon.

Awakened raids are the new Fated raids

We also learned some news about the Awakened raids, which are the new Fated raids. Awakened raids will rotate on a weekly basis, with one raid at a time being marked as Awakened. This will empower bosses in that raid but will also reward a higher tier of loot, ensuring that raid groups will more than likely rotate between the raids each week, keeping things fresh even in the “victory lap” season.

  • Week 1: Vault of the Incarnates
  • Week 2: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
  • Week 3: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope
  • Week 4: Vault of the Incarnates
  • Week 5: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
  • Week 6: Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope
  • Week 7 and onward: All raids are awakened

What kind of upgraded loot, you might ask? The most powerful loot in Season 4 will have access to an “Awakened” upgrade track, allowing items to reach as high as that of Mythic raid gear. Legendaries aren’t being left out, either; Fyr’alath and Nasz’uro owners will be able to upgrade their legendary to a base item level of 502 via a Scale of Awakening, then continue to upgrade it with Flightstones and crests. You’ll still be able to get legendary drops, if you haven’t gotten lucky enough to get them yet. You’ll also be able to earn one Antique Bronze Bullion per week by defeating bosses in the Awakened raid, which will let you buy Awakened loot as well as the aforementioned Scale of Awakening — or, more importantly, transmog appearances.

Additionally, completing all three raids at Awakened difficulty on Normal will reward the Voyaging Wilderling mount. Completing them on Heroic will give you the title “Awakened Hero.” Finally, completing them on Mythic difficulty will earn you Path Portals — teleports to the three raids’ entrances that you can use from anywhere in the world.

We’re also seeing the results of Blizzard surveying the community on their favorite Dragonflight tier set appearances and bonuses; end bosses of Awakened raids drop a new omni-token called the Awakened Tempostone, allowing anyone of any class to purchase new tier sets that bear the winning combination of appearance and set bonus.

Upgraded loot for Season 4

Loot in Dragonflight remains divided into tiers, but each tier’s item level has been updated with the new season:

  • Explorer (Normal dungeons, world content): ilevel 454 – 476
  • Adventurer (Heroic dungeons): ilevel 467 – 483
  • Veteran (Mythic dungeons): ilevel 480 – 502
  • Champion (Mythic dungeons, Normal raids): ilevel 493 – 515
  • Hero (Mythic+ dungeons, Heroic raids): ilevel 506 – 522
  • Myth (Mythic raids): ilevel 519 – 528

Gear can continue to be upgraded with Flightstones and crests up to the maximum level for its tier. The system is essentially the same, just with an item level upgrade.

Originally published March 27, 2024; updated April 23, 2024

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