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Diablo > Diablo 4Jun 9, 2024 1:10 pm CT

Who’s ready for more Diablo? Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred release date is October 8, 2024

The next Diablo 4 expansion is Vessel of Hatred, where we’ll journey to Torajan Jungles (known to the locals as Nahantu) chasing after Neyrelle in a continuation of the game’s story. And things are not looking good for our friend, who fled at the end of the original game, carrying Mephisto’s soulstone with her — something that was unlikely to end well.

At BlizzCon 2023, the Diablo team told us the expansion would be out in 2024, and now we know that the Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred will arrive October 8, 2024.

A late 2024 release for Vessel of Hatred is right in line with the timeline for past Diablo expansion releases, and it’s less than the wait we had for Reaper of Souls. The next question, however, is where Vessel of Hatred sits into the seasonal schedule. The expansion release date is makes the seasonal schedule a little odd, but the devs have confirmed that Season 5 will be a short one and Season 6 will launch with the expansion:

  • Season 4: May 14 to August 6
  • Season 5: August 6 to October 8
  • Season 6: October 8 to January — though the end date isn’t confirmed, January fits the typical schedule

It seems like the delayed start of Season 4 may have compressed the Season 5 schedule, leading to this awkwardly compressed Season before the expansion launches. We still don’t know what Season 5 will bring to the game, but hopefully the season and the Season Journey will be easy enough to finish in just two months.


We’re still waiting on details about a lot of the game’s features, such as the Spiritborn class and the new Mercenaries system. We’re expecting to hear more about the Spiritborn on July 18, and it’s possible we’re heal more about expansion mechanics at the same time.

you know we’ll have our first expansion, Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred, coming October 8, 2024. See you in Sanctuary!

Originally published November 3, 2023; updated June 13, 2024

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