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The QueueJun 10, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: An Illusion!

What are you hiding!?

This is — The Queue!


Q4tQ: what is this about Liz’s library list?
The first rule about Liz’s library list is that you don’t talk about Liz’s library list.
The second rule about Liz’s library list is that you don’t talk about Liz’s library list.


We’re all a little guilty of this to a degree I think. I keep adding more books to my borrow list on my library app, and I keep having to bounce them back as they become available because I know that I just can’t read them right this moment. I’ve got several physical books to finish, and several more ebooks that I’m just looking for some extra time before I dig into them. My day job sometimes lets me read a few chapters at a time, but in the last week, I’ve had none of those opportunities — which I think is highly rude!

I’m sure that Liz is also equally as busy and looking for just a day or two where she can ignore the world and read a good book, but sadly there are always cats to herd and jello to nail to trees here at Blizzard Watch which makes that tough!


Q4TQ: Isn’t everything between two pieces of bread a sandwich? Isn’t even a hotdog a sandwich when you come right down to it?

Of course, that’s a rather simplistic view of things, but sure a hotdog is a sandwich, and a Pop Tart is a ravioli — so is a calzone if that’s the case.

That being said, I don’t think that a hotdog is a sandwich. I can go to a major burger chain and order a spicy chicken sandwich and get a piece of spicy breaded chicken between two buns, or I can say “I want a Big Mac, just the sandwich” at a drive-through and get just that at the window. But if I went to Costco and asked for a Polish sandwich, I think I’d get a very confused person looking back at me.

I don’t actually think that a hot dog is a sandwich, it’s enough of its own thing to stand out and be unique. I could make a hot dog sandwich but in that case I’d expect a hot dog between two pieces of bread in a way that is unique from a standard hot dog bun. Lik maybe the hot dog has been diced, or cut to fit in the confines of the standard square-ish piece of bread. I wouldn’t call a hot dog sticking out either end of the aforementioned square-ish bread to be a hot dog sandwich though.

Words are fun!


MoveWoW:Fun New Fact:
Dr Pepper just passed Pepsi as the second biggest soda brand
Jalamenos: Dr. Pepper is the only soda I’ve ever had that I had to immediately stop after one tiny sip and pour the whole thing out.
Because it was nasty.

I love Dr. Pepper! I’m glad that most people are finally giving it the due that it deserves — unlike Jalamenos who has decided to leave more for me.

That being said I’m not a fan of the Dr. Pepper Strawberries and Cream variant. It was way way way too sweet and I regretted buying a full 12 pack of it almost immediately after taking my first sip. That’s what I get for assuming that just because I like Dr. Pepper and strawberries with cream that I would like the combination!

I did learn a valuable lesson about going all in on new pop combinations from that experience though! So I guess it wasn’t a total loss.


Q4tQ: If the Exodar was completely removed from the game and replaced by a capitol more similar to Shattrath or Karabor in WoD, would you even miss the Exodar?

I’m not sure. I did spend a little bit of time there in the way way back when my Paladin was still a Draenei. So I do appreciate the shiny crystal-ness of it.

However, I don’t know how I feel about the whole space vessel thing in the Warcraft setting. It’s such a departure from the rest of the fantasy setting. I don’t mind going to other planets, and I don’t mind having airships, but for some reason launching a magical airship at another planet has always felt a little bit off in the setting.

If instead of the Exodar being an actual ship, and the Vindicaar by extension, they were just beachhead areas on the new planet that the Draenei have fortified into full cities as they’ve brought more and more material through I’d feel much better about them as a part of Warcraft. I’m sure that there has been much deliberation amongst the Warcraft development team about the same thing as well.

I bet those debates would’ve been fascinating! I just hope that they didn’t involve too many Mak’goras.

  1. What’s your favorite Rumble unit (non-leader) and why?
  2. What other setting shift should DOOM do, now that it’s moving into medieval territory or something?
  3. Have you seen Arrival? I’d heard amazing things and felt let down after finally watching. Learning it was originally a short story with a much different ending at least put some of the more “huh?” elements in a better context but I really wanted to like it more. (If you haven’t seen it and/or have no strong feelings: What movie that most people really talk highly of do you not enjoy?)

Hi Mitch!

I’ve talked before about how much I love the Huntress for her ability to tear through most units like a hot knife through butter, and how most of my armies have had her in them before — so I won’t gush too much more about her. Instead, I’ll talk about how much I love the Meat Wagon. I love those crooked planks and nails sticking out all over it, and I especially love the little steak that it flings towards the enemies. They’ve been such a standout of Undead unit design dating all the way back to the Warcraft 3 days. Of course the Undead army needs a way to transport some corpses along with it in case they run into a dry spell, and what’s more, they’ll need a way for those corpses to be somewhere near where the action is.

As Warcraft Rumble’s only long-range siege unit, I can’t count the number of times that I’ve seen my victory delivered because of these flingers of airborne hams and I’m sure that I’ll continue to see them play a big part in my armies. Even if sometimes they can ruin our pushes against Molten Core’s Garr and ensure we see approximately 17 thousand rock elementals coming our way.

DOOM should do a prehistoric setting! I wanna see the Doom Slayer going toe to toe with dinosaurs and sabertooth beasts while fighting waves of demons at the same time. Let’s see him ride a pterodactyl into battle swinging an axe made out of tyrannosaurus teeth and shooting velociraptor claws out of a bone and sinew crossbow/shotgun/sword. Maybe it could help usher in a new age of dinosaur-related games!

I remember watching Arrival at home and being kind of lost by the ending. A lot is happening there and knowing that there is source material I can see how the movie might’ve missed some things that would’ve helped to bring it all together. I find it hard to think of a movie that has wide appeal that I just don’t like. I let those fall by the wayside and don’t think about them too much if I can help it. I know that I’ve had people react negatively to movies that I like, so I’ve gotten better at pitching them to friends. Like the James Gunn alien invasion movie Slither, I really liked it and talked it up to a bunch of people only for them to not see the fun homages and enjoy the over-the-top splatstick(like slapstick, only with more blood and guts) of it.

Oh wait, I just thought of one! Annihilation, I signed up for weird mutated animals and I got something that wasn’t that. Alex Garland has done some wild movies and tv shows, but this one just didn’t land for me.

This isn’t Bacardi, I’m pretty sure anyway. This large dog shaking my hand is Arthur and he’s not quite sure why he’s here but he’s happy to be here. I’m sure that he’d give you whatever you asked for as long as you were willing to throw a ball for him, or rub his tummy, or both at the same time. Just be warned that any extra luck you might get will also come with a heaping helping of fur.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Come with me now

Have an excellent rest of your Monday and your week everyone! Help Anna have an excellent day by asking her lots of questions for tomorrow — maybe things about her current reading lists or what she thinks about dessert lasagna!

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