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The QueueJun 28, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Today’s my day!

Friday is always a surprise, showing up without warning. But let’s put on our sunglasses and face the day. Let’s Queue.


Horizon: Forbidden West is 20% off.
I won’t have time to play this until… likely next year though…

I will be the devil on your shoulder and say buy it and make the time. It’s a great game.

But apparently Kalcheus in the comments is the angel on your other shoulder, reminding us both that there will be a Steam Winter Sale, also.

I suppose he’s right. There will be another sale eventually. Maybe even a better sale.


Are mount achievements dead? The ones where collect X amount of mounts. Because remix introduced so many mounts it’s kinda ridiculous. You can’t design the achievement around remix since not everyone would do it but if you don’t account for it then a lot of people will instantly complete the next collect X mounts achievement whenever its added.

The highest level mount collection achievement is Thanks for the Carry! at 500 mounts, which is a lot of mounts, even considering the many new mounts we can collect in WoW Remix.

But it’s also a pretty recent achievement, added with Dragonflight. Before that most recent one, Blizzard added two mount collection achievements in BFA, two in Warlords, two in the original Mists of Pandaria, and the rest in Wrath when achievements were first rolled out.

Which is to say mount achievements have rolled out fairly regularly over a long period of time. I don’t think they’re done, I just think Blizzard hasn’t gotten around to doing another.


Q4tQ: In light of my other comment, was there ever a time you missed an essential game mechanic and made the game more difficult for yourself? It doesn’t have to be mechanically difficult either, it could be something that made the game take longer, like not realizing Octopath Traveler has fast travel and then spending way more time running around than needed.

When I started playing Fallout New Vegas for the first time — I just jumped into it recently, this year, shortly after the TV show — I made a low strength character. I thought I’d play an agile character who didn’t need much strength, and mostly fought in VATS. I could just lean on my companions for carrying capacity.

But guns were seeming very ineffective. Did VATS just not work very well in New Vegas? I was missing all the time.

Well, it turns out different guns have strength requirements and I did not meet any of them, seriously handicapping me. It took me a very long time to realize this, at which point I started spending precious feats to give myself extra strength or reduce weapon strength requirements. Oops.

But surprisingly, combat started going much better at that point.

… I still haven’t finished New Vegas. I put it aside to do something else and I didn’t get back to it. It’s on the list!


Oooh, I thought of a question:

What is your favorite insect?

Shout out to the humble firefly, which lights up summer nights like this with a brief, ephemeral glow. There’s a magic to them… but a lot of pesticides kill them off, so it’s not common to see clouds of them, which is where it starts to get magical.


Today is rapidly turning into an “Ice Cream for Lunch” day

I’m failing to see the problem here.

Well, that’s all for today because I have to go get some ice cream. Take care everyone! Have a good afternoon (I recommend ice cream) and a good weekend to come (I still recommend ice cream). I’ll see you again next week!

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