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When does Cataclysm Classic Phase 4 start? Not before 2025!

Cataclysm Classic Phase 4 is scheduled to arrive in January 2025, and while Blizzard has not yet confirmed a date, we estimate the phase will begin Tuesday January 7, 2025 with the raid content launching Thursday January 9, 2025. Most of Cataclysm Classic‘s phases are keeping the 10ish week release cadence we’ve become used to for Classic content but this time around there’s more downtime than usual between Cataclysm Classic Phase 3, which launches in October, and Phase 4 which makes predicting the arrival date a bit more difficult.

With the added time between phases, I can see Phase 4 arriving closer to the beginning of January as opposed to the end. Until we get confirmation, let’s take a look at what Phase 4 will likely bring to Cataclysm Classic. 

What is in Cataclysm Classic Phase 4?

Cataclysm Classic Phase 4 is full of interconnected content that narratively wraps up the Cataclysm story. Three new level 85 heroic 5-player dungeons will be available for players to experience, with each one setting the stage for the phase finale: the End Time, which shows players what will happen if Deathwing isn’t stopped, the Well of Eternity, which sends players far into the past to retrieve the Dragon Soul artifact and finally, the Hour of Twilight, which tasks you with escorting Thrall to Wyrmrest Temple to face Deathwing.

The Dragon Soul raid narratively picks up here and will have 8 bosses, including a final showdown with Deathwing, with 10 and 25 player options for Normal and Heroic difficulties. Rogues will be able to start a questline to acquire the Legendary Fangs of the Father dagger set which includes Golad, Twilight of the Aspects and Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages. To get started, you need pick up the Proving Your Worth quest from Lord Devrestrasz at Wyrmrest Temple while inside the Dragon Soul raid.

Tol Barad will introduce a new boss in Phase 4, Alizabal, and could also include a new PVP season too.

We’re rolling through Cataclysm Classic’s life cycle with Phase 1 well underway and Phase 2‘s release on the horizon later in July so it’ll be some time before we learn when exactly Phase 4 launches. There’s still a lot to learn, including whatever new twists Blizzard could introduce to Cataclysm Classic in Phase 4, or any of the other phases. We’ll be updating the site as we learn more so stay tuned!

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