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The QueueJul 5, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Today’s Queue has a theme, and the theme is themes

And no, the theme isn’t murlocs. Probably. Maybe?

Well, Queue, let’s get right to it.


Who’s Liz??

Wow. Wow.

I am right here, sir.



If the Old Gods can’t be removed from Azeroth because “it would kill the host,” then what if Azeroth says, “Oh ok, I can’t hatch and kill all these people that protected me,” and lets us kill the OGs knowing it will kill her.

Self-sacrifice is a fairly common trope, so I’d say it’s as likely a Metzen plot as any. But then some eleventh hour miracle would have to save her, because after 30 years of Azeroth there’s no way they’d actually kill her off.

These are the kinds of answers you get when you ask me lore questions… but also we have 30 years of Warcraft following traditional fantasy trope patterns, with its own stylistic flair. Pick your trope, add some Old Gods, and we’ve got a Warcraft expansion plot.


Q4tQ: In honor of American Independence Day, what are your favorite explosions? My top three are:

I know I was just complaining about tropes, but KABOOM is really the classic go-to for explosions.


QfLiz: After collecting all the achievements related to Timeless Island back in ’19 and thinking I was wholly done with the place, being there once again in ReMix has been… unsettling. Is there somewhere in WoW that’s at the top of your list of places you don’t ever want to do again?


I know that the obvious answer for the Shadowlands era — I’m noticing a trope theme to today’s Queue — is The Maw. But when Korthia came around I found myself spending more time there than (I think, or at least than I feel) I spent in the Maw, and I found its daily grind very tedious. I find most daily grinds tedious after a while, but something about Korthia really tired me out. I felt tired of another quest hub full of rares and treasures to hunt before. I hope never to return… but also I haven’t gotten all the transmog from it, so I really should make myself go back, but ugh.


Q4tQ: what was the last game you returned and why?

I returned We Love Katamari because I couldn’t stand being told I didn’t do well enough after every level I finished. >_< It’s one thing to not hit a goal, but when I do in fact hit the goal the game sets for me to complete the level and then multiple NPCs tell me completing it wasn’t enough? Heck with that.

Wow, I can’t think of a game I’ve ever returned, so I’m going to have to go with Lefty’s answer here: the last time I returned a game, it was probably to Blockbuster.


Q4tQ how many books is too many for a weeklong beach trip?

Bonus Q: is there anything more dangerous than a “buy one get one 50% off” book sale?

Your first question really depends on how much you’ll be reading, and how dense the books you read are. (Possibly also how heavy the books are.) I would say two… maybe with a third for backup, just in case.

As to your second question, the answer is a library book sale.

Well, now that we’ve thoroughly broken out of our theme, I’m going to call it a day. Take care my friends, and have a good weekend.

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