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The QueueJul 8, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Monday sneaks up on you

Somehow Monday has returned.

I swear that it was just Friday, but I blinked and now there’s no weekend left. Which is very rude if I do say so myself. Someday science will progress far enough that we can live a Monday-less existence, but until then we might all feel a little bit like Garfield once a week.

While I enjoy another cup of coffee, it’s time for — The Queue!


Q4TQ: what are your thoughts on the class changes for TWW? Anything noteworthy changing for Guardian, or Druids in general? Anything else that you think is interesting?

I think it’s neat that Shaman players seem to be feeling pretty happy about their changes. It’s nice to see that they’re being given some group utility and better talent options in their tree. Now they won’t have to constantly be choosing between two different but equally tasty sundaes.

With most of these class changes that we’ve seen, I feel like they’re still works in progress until we get a month or two of hotfixes in. The interaction between the new Hero talents and class changes will be fun to see once the whole community gets their hands on it, rather than just the people jumping into the beta.

There hasn’t been a ton of Guardian changes so far. There have been a few tweaks to general Druid pathing and some talents, but nothing massive, and nothing specifically for the Guardian tree. I’m of two minds about this since I was already feeling pretty good about my Bear, but it is nice to get some fun shakeups with the new expansion. No changes also means no bad changes which is a good spot to be in.

However, we’re now sitting in the spot where Shaman were before where a Guardian Druid isn’t bringing anything special to the raid. Brewmaster and Vengeance tanks both bring a debuff, and the two Protection tanks both have better tools for quick aggro grabs.

I wouldn’t mind a return to a bear-focused meta, but at the same time, I dread the overcorrection that always seems to follow the bear-focused meta.



How do you think your Oilers did in the draft/free agency? I’m pretty pleased with how the Wings worked it, though it was lame missing out on Stamkos.

I hope we did well! I don’t get too far down the rabbit hole between seasons, but I did hear that the Oilers now have two pairs of brothers on the team — which is fun!

We got so close to the cup that we probably don’t need many changes to take the whole thing next year. I promise to only be a little insufferable about it when the playoffs roll around again.


Do you ever feel guilty about unplayed alts?

No way, they’re not the boss of me! They’ll sit there in their capital city of choice next to whatever mailbox is closest to the holiday vendor so they can hold bits of transmog that I haven’t been able to collect on my current characters.

Maybe if they wanted to be played more they should be bears — or have a shiny legendary axe to get.


Is it safe to say that Pandaria Remix is ‘finished’? Like they won’t make any more changes, it’s just an escalating non-stop power grind where the people who can indulge in that grind the most reach absolutely bonkers, astronomical levels of OP to the point where it can’t possibly be fun anymore?

Yeah, I’d say so. It’s not finished like nobody is gonna play it anymore, but as a limited-time thing, they don’t need to keep turning dials all the way up until the finish line. Especially so late, they should let people feel like unstoppable time travelers righting the wrongs of Pandaria.

Some people really like the fun of seeing the raids in that overpowered way, and some people find the fun in collecting all of the bits. I’ll still run old raids in retail looking for rare drops, and I’m definitely one-shotting everything in there.


How do Earthen make babies

When two Earthen love each other very much, they get a little dirty and make a new one. It’s a marble-ous miracle of new life. They’re such perfectionists though that they’ll still have to carve out nine months to get the new Earthen as gneiss as possible. They want their new child to be shale and hearty after all.

Today’s Bacardi is on the run! Hey, wait a second…

I’m sure if you chase this fuzzy friend you’ll still get some good luck for your drops this week! They look so friendly and playful…

Today’s Anna Matt Earworm™: Click Click Boom

Have an excellent week folks, try not to let next Monday sneak up on you too much. Matt is taking tomorrow’s Queue so make sure to leave them lots of questions!

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