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The QueueJul 9, 2024 11:59 am CT

The Queue: The air is melting

Seriously it is f… it is extremely hot out, and I am unhappy with it. It’s f… ridiculously hot. I’m poached, is what I’m saying. It’s like having Superman shoot you in the face with his Heat Vision, except less immediately fatal.


I am become Kalcheus, destroyer of Queues

I think it would be more fair to say he’s the cause of and solution to all the Queue’s problems. He’s the Candy Apple Island of the Queue.



*heavy Scottish accent* “Calgary, Alberta, that’s the home of Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart”

It’s also incredibly f… incredibly pirate ghosting hot is what it is.

I live in Edmonton, land that now hates Florida with the zeal and intensity of a thousand blazing suns, which is still less hot than it is outside.


It’s a wonder my kittens know they want cat food since every night they tell me they’ve never been fed before in their whole lives.

My cats are less telling me they’ve never been fed and are more telling me that I am an incompetent member of the family because I am not providing them food exactly when and where they want it. But luckily for me I have excellent facial hair and so as long as I stand still and let them groom me, they’ll let it slide.

This is why my shoulders look like I have blood freckles on them.


This is huge for me

TL;DR: There are six sources of weekly caches from outdoor content in TWW. The first two you open during a season will reward Veteran track gear for that season; the first four you open will reward Delve key fragments.

Basically lets you pick two of six weekly tasks to do to get the Veteran gear, instead of a week where you HAVE to do Grand Hunts, a week where you HAVE to do a Superbloom, etc.

Honestly, this will probably be my primary mode of playing in TWW. I still love WoW, but I can’t handle the scheduling anymore. My guild is full of cool people and I enjoy spending time with them, but I just cannot commit to the hours on scheduled raid days anymore. Being able to solo my way to at least reasonable gear will be a godsend.


Hey Soeroah what did you do for Blizzard to call you out in your hoarding?
“Please note that the contents of each cache are determined when you get the cache awarded to you, not when you open the cache. There’s no reason to hold onto them and open them later. That’s no fun anyway. Open your prize!”

Not just Soeroah, I love doing that mostly because I forget the things are there.


I don’t like how Blizzard has completely mishandled Overwatch.
Overwatch 2 has such a bad reputation that, even though I was likely never going to play it, I don’t even feel like keeping up with the new characters anymore.

All I know of Illari is that she exploded and killed her entire civilization or something.
And apparently there’s a new character that’s a digger or something? I only heard about it yesterday.

I used to care.

I am very f… in the same boat with you. I couldn’t play Overwatch, but I followed the lore religiously, even meticulously. And then all the unpleasantness happened — creative minds left, they backpedaled on the PVE content and gameplay, and in general I just lost a lot of my interest for a setting and universe I felt had some sincere real potential. At one point I even thought to myself what a cool RPG, with real Mekton meets Cybergeneration and then they add Champions to the throuple energy. Like it’s the future, there’s a lot of wacked out tech and big robots and even outright superpowers and yeah, it was pretty dang cool.

I’m just heartbroken that the only buzz Overwatch 2 manages to generate for me now are Transformers skins.

Okay, guys, that’s the Queue for today. Thanks to Anna for swapping Queues with me so I can go to the hospital this Thursday. Take care, everybody.

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