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BlizzCaps: I am my scars I got the warlock tier off-set helm, which, just like tier, gives you wings. A little prayer of healing action, and next thing you know you've got a demon being purified.

BlizzCaps: You can gnome your own way “Who needs some fancy-schmancy crystal-powered ship to get to Argus?” asks submitter Sarabande of Elements on Aggramar (US-A). “All you need is a little simple technology!

BlizzCaps: Imagine dragons Well, frostwyrms, anyway. Submitter Emily is showing off her class mount over the Broken Shore, and since she’s a Blood Death Knight, it has a pretty red and black color scheme.

BlizzCaps: Worlds apart “You are probably going to get a lot of these types of screenshots this week, but just in case you need one, here you go,” writes submitter Rocksy of Know Your Horde on Nesingwary (US-H). Well, I’d love to experience it myself, but I’m apparently going to be spending the next couple of days trying...

BlizzCaps: Patch day blues Submitter Sarabande of Elements on Aggramar (US-A) writes, “Imagine if you decided to take a break — a LONG break. Maybe you played the last time in vanilla or even in the middle of Wrath.

BlizzCaps: Slow riders Submitter Gimmlette writes, “Spectacular Death’s of Llane (US-A)’s Eighth Annual Terrapin 500 was held in Ironforge and Dalaran this past weekend. The event was held right after our monthly transmog contest so people stayed in costume to race their sea turtles.

BlizzCaps: Guess I’ll have another round Submitter Tim writes, “Evil planet in the sky? Heroes becoming Death Knights?

BlizzCaps: Like father, like sons Today’s submission comes from Malkil (@MalkilIronspire on Twitter), who seems to have run into a “long-lost twin” situation in the Stormwind throne room. The question now is, which one is the evil twin?

BlizzCaps: You can leave your hat on “Questions which keep us from our sleep. Why are these fishing hats not transmoggable?” asks submitter Gimmlette of Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A).

BlizzCaps: The goggles, they do nothing! “I know you aren’t supposed to look directly at it, but I couldn’t help myself,” writes submitter greenmanaq. “The moment when we reach for our dreams while letting go of that which holds us back is when we learn to fly.” Funny, that’s exactly what my husband said yesterday, followed by “My eyes are kind...

BlizzCaps: We’ve got nothing better to do than watch TV and have a couple of brews “On any random night, guild chat can be a gold mine of inspiration for BlizzCaps,” writes submitter Gimmlette of Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A). “This one night was no exception.

BlizzCaps: The missing link in the food chain “Here we see the rare and elusive Carnivorous Squirrel in its natural habitat, stalking its natural prey,” writes submitter Paladave of the Queue on Nesingwary (US-A). “The Silvertail Mountain Goat is as ofyet unaware of his peril.

BlizzCaps: It’s as pretty as a picture, red and blushing just before the night “There are very few problems that cannot be solved by a well-timed jump and a Goblin Glider,” writes submitter Rocksy of Know Your Horde on Nesingwary (US-H). Want to see your picture here on BlizzCaps?

BlizzCaps: Get your kicks “When was the last time we impaled ourselves on the Stormwind Cathedral?” asks submitter Gimmlette. “Bet that’s not a question you usually read in your guild chat.

BlizzCaps: World in motion “Glarus, a Draenei warrior on NazgreL (US-A), was born on Draenor before it became Outland,” writes today’s submitter. “He’s never seen Argus, and isn’t in-the-know about dealings with the Legion, because his concerns are more focused on places like the Eastern Kingdoms.

BlizzCaps: Is it any wonder? “I can’t be the only person who sees this,” writes submitter Gimmlette of Spectacular Death on Llane (US-A). “I’ve taken a shine to doing the PvP World Quests.