Competitive Mode

Competitive Lúcioball hotfix coming soon Lúcioball just came back again with this year’s Summer Games, but it seems there was a bug that prevented some players from queuing with their friends. Normal Competitive grouping restrictions were accidentally being applied to new competitive version Copa Lúcioball.

Ana and the latest Overwatch patch now on the PTR Overwatch only just announced its new support sniper Ana, but the character is already playable on the PTR. In addition, the latest patch introduces a number of balance changes and bug fixes.

Overwatch Competitive Tips
Simple Overwatch tips for competitive play This week, we’re not going in-depth with the meta or character choices. We’ll touch on a few character choices briefly, but we’ll save the full analysis for another day.

Breakfast Topic: Are you looking forward to Overwatch’s Competitive Mode? On Friday, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan updated us with news of the Competitive Mode that’s slated to come into the game later this month. Aside from that fact that we’ll be getting additional heroes sometime soon, Jeff mentioned the feedback on the mode during the beta and highlighted some of the changes that the Overwatch team has...