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The Queue: I fell down the Hero Forge rabbit hole

So my Mountain Dwarf Barbarian got an Adamantine Breastplate a few weeks back. I’m wearing it because it renders me immune to critical hits, which, combined with my Bear Totem Barbarian rage ability to resist all damage but Psychic  means that I am really hard to hurt. But it does mean that the really awesome art I commissioned of her isn’t character accurate anymore, and considering real life issues I can’t really afford to commission new art right now. Luckily, Hero Forge just added their paint section and so I spent like six hours making a breastplate wearing version and non-breastplate wearing version of her because that was a better use of my time than panicking about current events.

Now, I’d still rather get a professionally painted mini, because I’m terrible and I did a terrible job, but it was still fun. I really love my crazy little Dwarf maniac. She killed a boat once.

This is the Queue. Let’s talk about stuff.

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