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The Queue: Antorus is lovely this time of year

So yeah, went along on a raid of Antorus with some friends in my main’s guild — I’m usually not awake for their raid times but I was around today so I went for it. Picked up two piece Tier, upgrade on the shoulder and ring slot and a relic slot upgrade so all in all it was worth it, plus I got to see the fights in a non-LFR way. Normal, so most of the folks there outgeared it and I was essentially being carried, but it was still fun and it made me wish I was awake that late more often.

Plus before the raid I got a polearm I’ve been trying to get since the end of Warlords of Draenor, so I’m happy all around.

It’s the Queue. Folks asked me some solid questions so I’m going to answer them now.

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