Known Issues

Junkenstein’s Revenge is pretty strict about inactivity The Halloween event in Overwatch, Junkenstein’s Revenge, has been false flagging some players as being inactive. Overwatch has had issues in the past with players using seasonal events in order to slack off and get free experience or rewards.

Competitive LĂșcioball hotfix coming soon LĂșcioball just came back again with this year’s Summer Games, but it seems there was a bug that prevented some players from queuing with their friends. Normal Competitive grouping restrictions were accidentally being applied to new competitive version Copa LĂșcioball.

WoW Patch 7.2.5 known issues {PB} Patch 7.2.5 is here and, while maintenance came up many hours earlier than expected, there are still the regular bugs and issues that pop up here and there. Blizzard posted a list already, and most of them seem to be minor in the grand scheme of things — albeit the kinds of things that...

Latest patch 7.0.3 known issues Now that Demon Hunters are live (yes!), the patch 7.0.3 known issues have been updated with Demon Hunter issues. Most of the issues are small, relating to incorrect tooltips or quality-of-life problems, but they’re undoubtedly things you should know before (while?) playing your new character.

Patch 7.0.3 known issues While the deployment of the Legion pre-patch has been shockingly smooth, the patch isn’t without its issues — though most of them are admittedly minor. Blizzard has posted an extensive list of the patch’s known issues, the bulk of them being tooltip errors.