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Patch 7.0.3 known issues

While the deployment of the Legion pre-patch has been shockingly smooth, the patch isn’t without its issues — though most of them are admittedly minor. Blizzard has posted an extensive list of the patch’s known issues, the bulk of them being tooltip errors. The tooltip errors are, no doubt, the result of class balance being an ongoing project. Final numbers aren’t likely to be nailed down until the launch of the expansion itself, and even then, number tuning will occur once the devs see the live expansion playing out.

Check below for the full list of patch 7.0.3 known issues.

Originally Posted by Arvaanas (Official Post)

Greetings all,
Below is a list of our currently known issues. Please be advised that this list does not include every issue that we know about, but a majority that we feel will impact you the most.

Spells, Talents and Abilities

  • Channeled spells are randomly disrupting themselves.
  • Death Knight – Death Strike gives a 40% increase to Shadow Empowerment rather than 45%.
  • Druid – Activating the reticle for Starfall , then finalizing the cast for Starfall when below the amount of Astral Power needed to successfully cast it, does not return an error message.
  • Druid – Balance Affinity’s Lunar Strike doesn’t hit nearby targets similar to the Balance variant.
  • Druid – Players are not able to cast Prowl in Bear Form or in Moonkin form.
  • Druid – The level 100 Balance Talent Fury of Elune can be cast such that it is in the trees and not on the ground.
  • Hunter – Casting Dire Beast briefly disrupts the auto attack animation
  • Mage – Frozen Orb breaks invisibility and loot windows when it ticks.
  • Monk – Soothing Mist lacks floating combat text on its healing events .
  • Monk – Touch of Death needs an updated tooltip to reflect 50% of your HP in damage instead of 100%.
  • Paladin – Blade of Wrath’s DoT effect is dealing less damage than its tooltip suggests.
  • Paladin – The debuff aura tooltip for Repentance contains a token error.
  • Paladin – The duration of Consecration on the totem frame does not match its duration.
  • Paladin – The level 90 Protection Paladin talent Judgment of Light debuff aura tooltip as seen by the party members shows healed for 0.
  • Priest – Creatures afflicted by Dominate Mind can still sometimes be controlled by the player while also Feared .
  • Priest – Mind Bomb’s talent tooltip description states that it is a 2-second stun when it is 4 seconds.
  • Priest – Void Eruption , with the talent Legacy of the Void , generates a warning if insanity falls below the required amount after the spell has started casting.
  • Rogue – Marked for Death does not work with macro modifiers such as @focus and @mouseover.
  • Rogue – Vendetta The spell effects are not animating properly while spell is active.
  • Stunning a player target after they get hit with a disorient causes their in-game position to warp out of place.
  • The tooltip for Strength on the character info frame does not indicate that it increases parry chance for tanks.
  • Warlock – Soul Effigy is seen by other players.
  • Warlock – The Imp’s Firebolt sometimes costs more than 40 energy.
  • Warrior – Ravager’s spell visual doesn’t clean up when its duration ends.

Legion Pre-Patch Content

  • Multiple mailboxes and sign doodads are missing from Stormwind in certain quest phases.
  • Magni Bronzebeard offers the player a conversation option that he does not respond to.Broken Shore Scenario: Argent Dawnbringers & occasionally exit & re-enter their Legion Cage goober before being released.
  • Other player’s class pets can be seen during some of the client scenes.
  • Demon Invasions – Mazgoroth : The tooltip for Fel Slash contains errors.
  • Demon Invasions – Malphazel : Shadow Illusion lacks a detailed tooltip.
  • Demon Invasions – Gorgoloth : Meteor Slash and Fel Breath’s damage is inconsistent with their tooltips.
  • Demon Invasions – Flamebringer Az’rothel : Flame Breath and Rain of Fire’s damage is inconsistent with their tooltips.
  • Demon Invasions – Fel Lord Kaz’ral : The tooltip for Fel Spike lacks a detailed description.
  • Demon Invasions – Darkmagus Drazzok : Shadow Image’s Shadow Clone lacks a detailed tooltip.
  • Players exiting The Broken Shore Scenario mounted will remain mounted when loading into the deck of The Skyfire.
  • There is screen popping after the final cinematic of the Broken Shore Scenario.
  • There can be duplicated broadcast text during the quest “Fate of the Horde” .
  • Broken Shore Scenario: Darkspear Headhunters and Darkspear Witch Doctors are having a difficult time navigating the terrain.
  • Several of the Glaive Thrower’s spells list the wrong damage value in the combat log tooltip.

Transmog 2.0

  • Precious’ Ribbon cannot be used for transmogrification.
  • Shadow’s Edge cannot be added to the Transmog collection.
  • Some PvP items from Blaze Magmaburn have been changed to Horde only.
  • Illusion items lack an “Already Known” tooltip.
  • Long female Pandaren tails are not displaying correctly in the Appearances UI.
  • There are wands that do not display any Weapon Enchantments.
  • Players don’t receive any chat notifications when they use “Ensemble: Scale of the Scarlet Crusade” or “Ensemble: Chain of the Scarlet Crusade” which may cause player confusion.
  • Some weapons do not have the option to apply a Weapon Enchantment appearance in the transmog UI.
  • Items that don’t have a visual model will not have any models in the enchant Weapons tab.
  • The source for Gossamer-Spun Greatcloak does not denote the boss difficulty for each version of the cloak.
  • Several weapons in the One-Handed Maces category are not properly centered in the Wardrobe.
  • Certain Daggers are not centered in the Transmog UI cameras.
  • Certain One-Handed Swords are not centered in the Transmog UI cameras.

Systems & Misc.

  • Enemy creature nameplates can sometimes fail to update their health bars when damaged.
  • Twitter integration fails to pull screenshots when tweeting.
  • Legendary items flagged as Report to Guild Chat do not display correctly in the chat log.
  • Players are erroneously informed that there is an available Honor Talent at level 100.

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