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Lore Watch Podcast

Lore Watch Podcast: What could be the most cyberpunk story in all of Azeroth?

Join us this week as we explore which tech-based based stories in WoW could go full Cyberpunk 2077, how each Starcraft faction would fare against their counterpart in Warhammer 40k, and if the war in Warcraft is honing Azeroth into the ultimate weapon (which would be hunter loot, obviously.) You can listen to the podcast directly from this post or click on download icon along the lower bar of the player below to listen on your own device.

Lore Watch Podcast: The mystery of Northern Lordaeron

Join us this week as we discuss the origins of hearthstones and their connection to Meeting Stones as well as the Brokers, if there is a way to wield the void without being corrupted by it (asking for a friend), and the mystery of Northern Lordaeron, the unexplored region between Ghostlands and Western Plaguelands that may get the spotlight in the upcoming Midnight expansion.

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