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This weekend, Tavern Watch talks to Avatar Legends Lead Designer Brendan Conway — listen live this afternoon!

This weekend, the Tavern Watch podcast — our brand new show focusing on tabletop RPGs — will be a special one because we're going to be talking to Brendan Conway, Lead Designer for the upcoming Avatar Legends tabletop RPG. You know, the game that just became most successful RPG Kickstarter pledge drive ever, raising over $7 million to build the Avatar tabletop game we've always wanted to play.

Waiting on TTRPGs from Critical Role or Chris Metzen? Here are some of our favorite indie Tabletop RPGs in the meantime

This week, former Blizzard Senior Vice President of Story & Franchise Development Chris Metzen announced the formation of Warchief Gaming -- previously a gaming club and now a development studio for tabletop games -- and on the same day, Critical Role announced the formation of Darrington Press, which will also be focusing on tabletop game development.

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